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Kiwitron helps you to digitalize your warehouse

Thursday, 29 July 2021 ( #1036 )
Kiwitron S.r.l. is a young, dynamic and innovative company based both in Bologna, Italy, and Lyon, France. Kiwitron founders come from the material handling and earthmoving industries. Today the company counts more than 40 employees and collaborators and has a huge R&D department. Specialized in the development and production of hardware and software solutions for digitalization, Kiwitron has growth using the most advanced technologies and techniques to build Fleet Management, Automation and Safety Systems. Kiwitron knows that digitalization has proven to be the heart for business success today, given digital and new technologies make available easily methods to measure performances, reduce logistics costs and provide new revenue. In this view, sensors and cloud-based computing systems make it possible to store, analyze and use data, a core instrument to gain a competitive advantage amongst competitors. Data is stored for further analysis to help company managers know what is properly working in their logistics and what is not. Having an overview of the fleet parameters can help to prevent damages and make a vehicle more usable in the long run. Kiwitron fleet management ETS system has everything you need to monitor working fleet working conditions, usage and much more. It can be put on forklift trucks, earth moving machines, order picking machines, trilateral and all lifting equipment.
Thanks to advanced algorithms and computing it is possible to get real-time information with a single, small and customizable device on the vehicle. You can also easily manage access with RFID or pin code and enable the driver remotely. The ETS touch system can be used for a pre-start-up checklist to complete before each shift to guarantee compliance and safety. Data collection and cloud storage about localization and kilometers, working hours, battery usage and shocks or anomalies grant a complete control of the fleet status and performances. Kiwitron has developed a fleet management software to control and manage your fleet remotely. Thanks to an analysis of fleet workload it is possible to know how many vehicles and which ones have been most used across time. Therefore it is easy to manage forklift activities and allocate resources to optimize utilization and routes. Kiwitron provides API free key to integrate data and analysis in every management software. The fleet management system has also a user-friendly interface. You can send a real-time message to the driver to promptly solve problems or give him new tasks.
Kiwitron's mission is also to support drivers and increase safety using sensors and new technologies. One of Kiwitron's products is Kiwi-eye, a proximity detection system based on artificial intelligence optimized to detect pedestrians within a precision of centimeters. Kiwi-eye can detect any type of vehicles and people who are partially hidden, bent down pedestrians or people from behind up to 20 meters. There can be set up three alarm zones with different parameters according to the running signal of the vehicle. The obstacle is identified on the control display (optional) in red, yellow or green based on the distance between the obstacle and the forklift. If there is a risk of collision, the system will automatically alert the driver with an acoustic signal. All in all, Kiwitron products and services help logistics to optimize processes with automation and support drivers to adopt safety practices. Thanks to a deeper analysis of the vehicle's conditions and activities it is possible to have a data-driven approach and an added-value in terms of safety. Choosing Kiwitron means to rely on technology to transform your business. For more information, please contact us!
Kiwitron S.r.l. Via Vizzano, 44 (BO) Phone: +39 051 1889 3470 Web: E-mail: send an email
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XILIN's OPTS15 VNA man-up lateral reach trucks, independently developed by XILIN, were delivered overseas; breaking into the traditional material handling truck market.
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