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EControls releases Ethium: Innovative forklift lithium-ion batteries

Thursday, 14 January 2021 ( #1008 )
As the preferred industrial internal combustion (IC) fuel system manufacturer with dependable and innovative technology, EControls leverages its deep industry knowledge to develop and release a portfolio of advanced lithium-ion batteries which will accelerate lithium-ion adoption within the material handling industry by offering high performance, long life and a very attractive Return on Investment (ROI) for many end-use applications. SANTA ANA, California, December 1st 2020 - Since EControls' inception in 1994, over 1,400,000 Original Equipment (OE) engines worldwide have been equipped with their fuel and control systems. Among the many successful applications are industrial and continuous duty generators, on-road heavy duty vehicles and material handling equipment.
EControls continues this legacy of success and customer satisfaction with the launch of Ethium, a new line of lithium-ion batteries. Ethium is a ground up effort that combines advanced lithium-ion technology with innovative design architecture and control strategies to deliver unmatched performance and safety. Designed, tested, and produced for harsh industrial environments and heavy-duty applications, Ethium is the new industry standard for performance and reliability. Ethium batteries seamlessly replace lead acid batteries, interfacing with existing vehicles and with most programmable lead acid chargers. EControls also offers Ethium custom OEM integrated solutions that fully integrate with the vehicle for optimized design, performance, and handling. The advantages of lithium-ion technology over lead acid are familiar to many people today; quick recharges, maintenance free, and longer cycle life are at the top of the list. Ethium batteries differentiate themselves through advanced control algorithms resulting in superior cell control technology allowing for both cost effective manufacturing and representing the state of the art in terms of performance and durability. These features allow maximum customer Return on Investment (ROI), making Ethium the logical choice for material handling applications. Ethium batteries are not just smart and competitively priced, they are also easy to apply and use. All the sophistication is handled "inside" by independently smart modules including embedded Battery Management Systems (BMS) that continuously monitor each cell for safety, while also performing active balancing, computing the state of charge and overall health, and controlling the temperature of each cell to prevent harmful over-temperature and cold-temperature operation. A supervisory control module (BOSS) introduces an additional level of safety managing inter-module communication, simplifying vehicle communication, and controlling the active cooling system.
EControls' ultimate goal is to enable the large-scale adoption of lithium-ion batteries within the Industrial and Heavy-Duty markets by offering a product designed to truly make a difference for our customers. Ethium will outperform anything else on the market while simultaneously and objectively reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of our customers. About EControls and Ethium EControls is a privately owned company founded in 1994 and based in San Antonio (TX). EControls operates multiple offices worldwide, distributing EControls/IMPCO branded fuel systems and components to the industrial and heavy duty on-road industries. For more information visit or email us. EControls
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