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Booktopia tests robots

Thursday, 26 November 2020 ( #1002 ) - Sydney, NSW, Australia
Booktopia is adding automation
Booktopia is adding automation
Online retailer Booktopia is trialing autonomous robots at its Lidcome distribution centre in Sydney to increase capacity and productivity. Booktopia is believed to be Hai Robotics' first customer in Australia, and automation will allow the warehouse to hold 1.8 million products - more than double its current capacity of 800,000. The robots are able to reach up to 5 m, and can move heavy objects, allowing Booktopia to utilise more high-density shelving. The investment follows a 28% spike in sales in the 2020 financial year, during which it shipped around 30,000 items daily and sold over 6.4 million books. Shanghai, China-based Hai Robotics launched its first HAIPICK ACR system in 2015. Now in its fourth generation, HAIPICK transforms warehouse operation with automated transportation, retrieval, storage and sortation.