A NEW cost saving answer to labelling equipment from Rebo Systems

- 2 Feb 2023 ( #1113 )
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Rebo Systems has developed a unique in-house label printer that can effectively satisfy all your demands for signs and labels on your materials handling equipment. From metalized serial plates through to mandatory health and safety labels – the SMS R1 printer can print on time and in-house. No more need for outsourcing: with hard wearing materials and adhesives, up to 13 high-visibility colours and the ability to cut any shape and/or size from the one easy-to-use device, this printer solves all your labelling needs.

Innovations in product development are continuous and essential to competitiveness in the broader market. While the macro issues of development and manufacturing take centre stage for all manufacturers, there are many smaller components integral to the finished product that do not always get the attention they deserve .

One such issue is the requirement for safety and operational labels on all equipment. How to create them efficiently and cost effectively is often overlooked. The product identification and tracking labels are  just as important as the operational and safety labels.

While mass production of any given piece of equipment can require a mass printing of regular label sets, there is always the issue of last minute changes and customisation that alter the standard label sets. 

Customers can also make requests that alter a standard label set – requiring a low volume set of modified labels.

In the enormous refurbishment industry, aged products are revamped, retested, resprayed and then require complete relabelling. The new labels require different sizes, formats and material types.

Rebo Systems, based in the Netherlands, has developed a unique in-house label printer, the SMS R1, a printer that can effectively manage all your customised label printing. 

The printer is a desktop unit that can print in up to 13 colours and can cut any shape and/or size from the one device.

It works with over 40 different available materials – including metallic polyesters for serial plates through to long life vinyl for durability in multiple colours.

The SMS R1 is a unique solution to satisfy all the demands for essential signs and labels on handling equipment. Unlike wide format systems, the SMS R1 is dedicated to the label and sign applications for low to middle range volumes with dimensions of up to 100mm high and up to averages of 150 to 200 mm long.

Using the SMS R1 does not require specialist skills in design and graphics, it can work from almost all the regular software packages on the market today, including CAD CAM software. The custom designed print manager is 100% independent from software and is dedicated to the functionality of the printer.

SMS-R1 | Multi-colour Print & Cut system

The SMS R1 can print and cut repeats of multiple label sets – allowing several labels in different sizes and shapes to be produced in continuous repeats – ideal if several pieces of equipment need the same sets of labels. The unique print manager also allows continuous output lengths of more than 13 meters.

It’s easy to use, completely reliable and it will deliver highly durable signs and labels that will weather all the demands of the materials handling environments. High strength adhesives, hard wearing materials, high visibility materials and a product that can produce one offs or a long production run.

Whether it's part of a finished product or part of refurbishing used equipment – the SMS R1 will print out exactly what you want, when you need it. With its integrated cutting mechanism, the SMS R1 can print and then cut any shape to fit the many curves and recesses regularly found on equipment today.

No need for outside print costs and stocks of multiple label types, delivery is within minutes and changes are immediate and easily effected.

The SMS R1 can operate from almost all the software packages available – including most CAD CAM packages, its custom built print manager is entirely independent and gives you total control over quantity and quality of output.

Rebo Systems has an expanding network of International Distributors.


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