Crown RR5210-35:
Wrench Light. No movement. Event Code 364

First lift.

The warehouse manager who was dealing with it claimed it worked. Wouldn't drive when time came for it to be picked up, but at least the forks moved. Now nothing moves. Don't really have any recourse since it was purchased at auction, so I'll likely be hiring someone to service it.

Majority of codes in the log are 364; 374 comes up a couple times; and 327 is in there once. I can't find a clear answer to those codes directly pertaining to this model. Do they differ between Crown models?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  • Posted 22 Dec 2021 11:42
  • Discussion started by Burnt_Out_Bulb
  • British Columbia, Canada
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All sorted! The lift and drive motors needed a serious cleaning. The drive motor needed its brushes replaced and the drive encoder needed replacement.
Everything is working fine now.
Thanks for the help!
  • Posted 25 Jan 2022 05:29
  • Reply by Burnt_Out_Bulb
  • British Columbia, Canada
It is a problem with your drive motor circuit but not necessarily the motor. I need SN, ac or dc drive motor and software version.
Send me an email to my address. It is in my signature block.
  • Posted 23 Jan 2022 05:01
  • Reply by 1CrownTech
  • Washington, United States
Fully charged doesn't really mean anything, we need a voltage reading. I would start by checking the drive motor. Check brushes to make sure they aren't completely worn down, also that the brush holders are not loose. Make sure the armature (where brushes contact) has nice copper color, if its pitted and burnt you will need to get the armature stoned, or replaced
  • Posted 19 Jan 2022 01:29
  • Reply by Triggs
  • California, United States
Battery is fully charged and watered. Problems persist as in original post
  • Posted 18 Jan 2022 06:41
  • Reply by Burnt_Out_Bulb
  • British Columbia, Canada
I didn't see it at the time, but it's been at half capacity since. We haven't been able to get an electrician in to connect the charger so we haven't been able to charge it yet and I can't confirm if it's been watered, but I will check.

  • Posted 30 Dec 2021 05:06
  • Reply by Burnt_Out_Bulb
  • British Columbia, Canada
What is your battery voltage while raising? Is it fully charged and watered? That's the first thing to check.
  • Posted 23 Dec 2021 16:10
  • Reply by 1CrownTech
  • Washington, United States

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