Komatsu FG30SHT-16:
won't start due to no fuel

the machine had an intermittent wont start/or shut off when running issue. Finally it shut down completely and won't start due to lack of fuel. I used a small amount start fluid in to the air cleaner and it ran.

There is fuel through the electric lock, through the convertor, and through the low pressure fuel line out of the convertor. I checked the in line fuse (5 amp)to the black fuel injector, it was good, all other fuses in box ok.

I did not get a voltage reading on the in line 5 amp fuse to the injector w/ the key on or while cranking. I swapped the relays around, truck is still not getting fuel.
does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  • Posted 9 Jun 2023 08:28
  • Discussion started by 7777
  • New York, United States
thanks for the assistance. JCFORKLIFT@gmail.COM

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