Toyota 7FGCU25:
Won’t run with TWC fuse installed

Hello, new to this forum with a question

Had a "tech" out to rebuild the fuel regulator in one of our Toyota forklifts yesterday, and after he did that now the lift won't stay running. The larger solenoid on the regulator works and clicks with or without the TWC fuse installed. the smaller solenoid on the top of the regulator I don't believe is clicking on. With the fuse installed propane gas will flow out of the smaller hose running to above the carburetor with key on but will quickly stop. Without the fuse the propane gas will continue to flow as long as the key is on. Without the fuse installed I can unplug the upper solenoid with no change to engine running. With the fuse installed it will quickly start then die. Any ideas or questions I can answer to give a better image? Thank you.
  • Posted 20 Jul 2021 08:15
  • Discussion started by rustycms
  • California, United States
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Also check fuses for a partial blown. Check distributor harness for broken wire. Usually negative side is weak or broken. The click is a ground. Also motor grounds 3&4 cylinder.
  • Posted 26 Jan 2023 17:05
  • Reply by ron_k
  • North Dakota, United States
I as a tech don't rebuild these systems anymore. To many issues installing kits and non warranty. A new vaporizer is warrantable for 2 years. It needs to be replaced new. The primary valves leaks after a higher hour runtime. The secondary chamber covers have warped and leak vacuum causing start issues. Solenoids heat up and ohms go high and get weak. Again have it replaced new and recheck.
  • Posted 12 Jan 2023 23:43
  • Reply by ron_k
  • North Dakota, United States

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