Hyster S100XL2:
What does the T P R L on the steering manifold stand for?

We had a trainee help us with disconnecting the hydraulic lines from the steering manifold but he didn't label them. Anyhow we figured it out but after putting on my glasses I noticed T P R L above each connector and it dawned on me that T could be Tank (return) P Pressure/Pump R Right and L Left. I checked the Hyster service manual and all it states is to "make sure you connect each host to the correct connector" haha.


  • Posted 23 Jan 2015 15:27
  • Discussion started by Turb0
  • British Columbia, Canada
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Ok thanks, and you are right about the manuals, kind of vague on some important details. Funnily enough, I was flipping through the braking section and low and behold there if the mention about "...oil flows from the steering control unit to the inlet (2) of the brake valve. We cheated and looked at another machine to confirm the hoses. Now of course I've found it in the dox haha.

Thanks again and have a good weekend!
  • Posted 24 Jan 2015 09:13
  • Reply by Turb0
  • British Columbia, Canada
yeah...thats nacco engineering for you
they give you diagrams showing the connections but left out the most important part... they forgot to label the connections.

But yes,
T would be return (actually runs to the brake booster valve)
P (comes from the pump)
R (to right steer cylinder connection)
L (to left steer cylinder connection)

its funny though, they say to make sure you connect the lines correctly but don't show any labels in the diagrams, and then follow that up with a caution note about hooking up the lines wrong will cause damage.
And if by some strange chance they did put it in the manual somewhere it might be in a section that has totally nothing to do with the steering or hydraulics, sometimes they hide tidbits of info like that in obscure places.
I looked all through both hydraulic and steering sections and nothing...nada... :o/
  • Posted 23 Jan 2015 23:16
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  • Reply by swoop223
  • North Carolina, United States
You've been swooped!

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