Crown 55FCTT-188:
trying to convert to Lithium

Guys, I am trying to convert to 36V equivalent Lithium Battery it runs about 2Volts above typical lead acid. The forklift throws a wrench code 15 at me. I think its low battery voltage. But could also mean battery voltage too high? How do i adjust the expected battery voltage?
sorry "50FCTT-188"
  • Posted 11 Aug 2021 06:15
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code 15 and code 16 often get confused by the ev100 card
you may be able to drop some resistors into the control circuitry to allow the card to see expected values
can't remember which connections were the bdi inputs
  • Posted 27 Aug 2021 17:11
  • Reply by crownie
  • Victoria, Australia
According to Crown specs, your truck is a 48v truck. I highly doubt that you can just simply install a lower voltage battery and a Lithium One, at that. You should call Crown and ask for tech support. I'm not going to tell you to try something that in my 13 yrs of lift truck tech experience have never seen before.
  • Posted 12 Aug 2021 04:07
  • Reply by 1CrownTech
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Model 50FCTT-188 serial 1A110012
  • Posted 12 Aug 2021 02:39
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  • Reply by DCplasma
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Code 15 Low Battery Volts
  • Posted 11 Aug 2021 19:39
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I've not heard of anyone trying to install a lithium battery into an old truck. What is the serial number? If it is an older truck and without access modules I don't think you can do that. The newer trucks have software updates that allow you to configure the truck for lithium ion.
  • Posted 11 Aug 2021 12:02
  • Reply by 1CrownTech
  • Washington, United States
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