Crown 1.5 TSP:
wire guiding compatibility

Can somebody help me,I have to put a Crown TSP on an other brand (DAMBACH) wire guided turret truck,that is working with theoritical same frequence (6.25 kHz) and same power (200 mA)Is there something to modify on the TSP ?
Other problem:is there a derating by use of a "B"battery box in a "C"equiped TSP,knowing that this "B" battery has the requested minimal weight and allows a normal "B" TSP full nominal capacity ?
  • Posted 10 Jun 2005 00:34
  • Discussion started by jepis
  • HAUT-RHIN, France
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Stability triangle applies to 3-point trucks, which is almost all of the most common lift trucks, such as 3-wheel and 4-wheel Counterbalance Trucks, even Reach Trucks and Order Pickers.

The Crown TSP is not a 3-point truck. It is a 4-point suspension system, therefore no stability triangle. This provides excellent stability, and greater capacity at higher elavations, unlike a Raymond Swing Reach which is a 3-point truck. The Crown requires a very level floor.

It is true that minimum and maximum battery weight is specified, however in most cases, a battery, or batteries perhaps for a TSP, which exceeds the max weight permitted won't fit in the box anyway. Max battery weight pretty much fills the battery box completely.
  • Posted 21 Jul 2005 23:45
  • Reply by brian_c
  • Pennsylvania, United States
I think I may be able to help in this regard. Certainly the minimum battery weight is required to satisfy logitudinal stability requirements. However a maximum battery weight is also set as if the battery is too heavy it will reduce lateral stability by moving the COG too far to the pointy end of the stability triangle. Shorter trucks have a shorter stability base and thus less tolerance to affects on their COG. Thus shorter equipment usually requires less counterweighting to maintain lateral stability. I dont know all the details but I would say this has something to do with it. Crown should supply you a minimum and maximum battery weight.
  • Posted 18 Jul 2005 15:52
  • Reply by todd_b
  • New South Wales, Australia
Forkpro Australia
Just make sure the battery you are installing meets the minimum wieght on the ID tag, and you are OK. If the battery is smaller than the battery box, you are OK as long as you meet the minimum weight on the ID tag. IF the battery does not meet the minimum wieght, and you are not able the purchase the correct size battery, I have seen steel plates added inside the battery compartment to meet the minimum wieght.

Also, if you battery is narrower than the compartment, put some sort of a spacer(wood blocks will work), in the compartment to take up the space. Make sure you install the battery as close to the rear of the compartment as possible.


I can't answer as to why the truck with the "C" compartment needs a heavier battry than the "B" compartment. I leave it up to the enginneers at Crown to determine what size battery goes in a truck. The frame may be different to accomodate this difference in battery weight.
  • Posted 17 Jul 2005 10:50
  • Modified 17 Jul 2005 10:55 by poster
  • Reply by Liftdoctor
  • Indiana, United States
Battery provides counterweight required to lift. Two primary factors determining effectiveness of counterweight are total weight + distance from fulcrum or tipping point, which is the front wheels (load wheels). Battery weight must meet minimum battery weight requirement listed on truck label, period. Anything less reduces the capacity, and as with any modification, it must be approved by the manufacturer. If approved, a new capacity label will be provided to replace the original label. When the truck specs call for "C" box, a heavier battery may be listed in order to fill up the box properly (I'm guessing), so the battery does not jump around in there during operation, which will create a rather unstable condition.

My advice: don't question the battery specs, get the right battery, move on. Otherwise, you may find yourself responsible for a tipped over Turret Truck.
  • Posted 15 Jul 2005 01:10
  • Reply by brian_c
  • Pennsylvania, United States
Dear Liftdoctor, your advice regarding the accuracy of line meter was very helpfull.In reality,instead of 200 mA we went down to 160 mA and adjusted the sensors bar a little bit higher.Up to now the whole system seems to be working.
Concerning the minimum battery weight,I did not succeed to get a satisfying answer to following question:why does a longuer TSP (with "C"battery compartment) need a heavier battery than a short one(TSP with "B"compartment) knowing that the mast(TSN)and the max lifting height is the same (6.78 m).Could you have an explanation?
Thanks a lot
  • Posted 12 Jul 2005 01:23
  • Reply by jepis
  • HAUT-RHIN, France
Do a full guidance calibration and see if the things runs OK. If not. you may be able to raise the sensor bars. 200ma is a little high for a Crown. It likes to see 150 to 190. However, the meters in the line driver boxes are not known to be very accurate. You must have a sevice terminal to do the calibration. 200 on the meter is a Crown box may not be the same as in a Dambach line drive box.

Your discussion about battery boxes is confusing. All I know is that if you meet the minimun wieght on the capacity plate for the battery, you are OK. If not, you need to contact Crown to see what the capacity of the truck will be if you have an under weight battery.
  • Posted 10 Jun 2005 13:52
  • Reply by Liftdoctor
  • Indiana, United States

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