the End of Materials Handling as it is known today

The Materials Handling market is about to change. With only around six or seven of the world's manufactures serving. With in the next 10 years most warehouse will be completely different Companies like KION of China DAMATIC or TOYOTA of Japan VANDERLANDE will dominate the warehouse business with hole turnkey products. Pallet trucks, reach trucks VNA truck will all be replaced with automated equipment.

Counter balance forklift sales will also decline and be replaced with complete handling systems that will be able to move products around a facility with out the need of an operator. Out side the facility there will also be big changes Both Diesel and electric forklifts will be replaced with 100% zero emission products that will have much longer ranges then electric forklifts and will be able to handle loads up to 72,000kg while being 100% zero emission. Companies Like Hyster who have backed Hydrogen to the tune of up to $260 million investment will see this disappear as hydrogen forklifts wont be able to compete with the new technologies that will offer lower cost's ,no need for high pressure systems ,be less explosive and more cost effective than hydrogen.
  • Posted 22 Feb 2020 07:11
  • Discussion started by Exalteze
  • Halifax, United Kingdom
Exalt leading the way to a zero emission future
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If you know where to look you can
  • Posted 13 Oct 2022 05:30
  • Reply by Letaq60n
  • W. Yorkshire, United Kingdom
S O S Different Day,.
  • Posted 13 Oct 2022 05:27
  • Reply by johnr_j
  • Georgia, United States
"Have An Exceptional Day!"
Let's see them.
  • Posted 13 Oct 2022 04:59
  • Reply by ChrisK
  • Kansas, United States
No the trucks are on track, the Reach Stacker and Empty Container Handling Forklifts are done.

The ammonia engine is done and is 100% zero emission
  • Posted 13 Oct 2022 04:54
  • Modified 13 Oct 2022 04:55 by poster
  • Reply by Letaq60n
  • W. Yorkshire, United Kingdom
No shortage of BS, saying that we have not heard any of it of late, must have finally realised that the super truck is never going to happen!
  • Posted 13 Oct 2022 04:06
  • Reply by mrLifter
  • Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Can anyone guide me with the best trucking management software?
  • Posted 8 Aug 2022 17:48
  • Reply by Adam_Boer
  • California, United States
Maybe there is a shortage of ammonia and/or the price per pint of ammonia went too high and this long in development project had to be tabled as it no longer economically practical and maybe all the investors have pulled out and have moved their investment funds over to Elon Musk projects. Or Dave is having secrete meetings at our Prez Joe Biden's Delaware house, in the basement of course, on weekends - to he'p the US get to zero emission mo' faster.
  • Posted 10 Jun 2022 20:23
  • Reply by johnr_j
  • Georgia, United States
"Have An Exceptional Day!"
Anybody seen any evidence of the super zero emission tuck yet or has it died a death?
  • Posted 10 Jun 2022 19:32
  • Reply by mrLifter
  • Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Whatever happened to Bagdad Bob? Did he end up in the material handling industry?
  • Posted 30 Nov 2021 22:00
  • Reply by Dexter1212
  • Texas, United States
Hello there! Hope you are doing good :)
  • Posted 25 Nov 2021 05:00
  • Reply by Morrissel311
  • Switzerland
"The main manufactures all design from the same idea of how a forklift should be designed. What we have done has been not to conform to this old way of design,"

You differ in another way from the main manufacturers. They have products ON THE MARKET that they are selling and making money on. When they introduce a new idea, they develop, produce, and sell it. YOU haven't done any of those things. Maybe that's another way you "think differently"
  • Posted 1 Nov 2021 23:05
  • Modified 1 Nov 2021 23:05 by poster
  • Reply by ChrisK
  • Kansas, United States
Just like busting his chops. When your almost 77 not a lot of fun things to at 3:30 AM and learning quickly old age ain't for sissies - your body is like a high hour forklift with 10K hours or more -it needs a lot more maintenance, minor repairs/adjustments and a major overall every now and then to keep functioning BUT your service department LUVS ya'. Thank goodness for Medicare and every day I put my feet on the floor and move (not so fast any more)
That's All Folks
  • Posted 1 Nov 2021 21:24
  • Modified 2 Nov 2021 15:42 by administrator
  • Reply by johnr_j
  • Georgia, United States
"Have An Exceptional Day!"
Just ignore this dude, i do not know how this person even exists except in peoples heads, free of charge i might add. I can say this much, my garage is not airtight so i do not have any problems with crazy thoughts from lack of oxygen. Think maybe his parents basement is lacking in proper airflow.
  • Posted 1 Nov 2021 21:09
  • Reply by triumphrider
  • Texas, United States
JCB signs green hydrogen deal worth billions https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-59107805

Are JCB wasting their time too Dave?? ------Admin-----------
  • Posted 31 Oct 2021 22:37
  • Modified 2 Nov 2021 15:42 by administrator
  • Reply by lifter01
  • West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Dave Dave Dave. You keep spouting the same thing over and over again but show nothing. We are all for innovation in the MHE industry but as others have said modular has been looked in to by bigger fish than you.
Replacing a module isn't just a matter of undoing a few bolts slotting the module in place and putting the bolts back in and for a single truck user how are you going to lift the new module in and out?? Bring a second truck to lift it?? Not cost effective then is it??.
The best way to shut us all up is to actually do what you keep promising show your super machine we might support you then.
  • Posted 31 Oct 2021 22:34
  • Modified 31 Oct 2021 22:36 by poster
  • Reply by lifter01
  • West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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