the End of Materials Handling as it is known today

The Materials Handling market is about to change. With only around six or seven of the world's manufactures serving. With in the next 10 years most warehouse will be completely different Companies like KION of China DAMATIC or TOYOTA of Japan VANDERLANDE will dominate the warehouse business with hole turnkey products. Pallet trucks, reach trucks VNA truck will all be replaced with automated equipment.

Counter balance forklift sales will also decline and be replaced with complete handling systems that will be able to move products around a facility with out the need of an operator. Out side the facility there will also be big changes Both Diesel and electric forklifts will be replaced with 100% zero emission products that will have much longer ranges then electric forklifts and will be able to handle loads up to 72,000kg while being 100% zero emission. Companies Like Hyster who have backed Hydrogen to the tune of up to $260 million investment will see this disappear as hydrogen forklifts wont be able to compete with the new technologies that will offer lower cost's ,no need for high pressure systems ,be less explosive and more cost effective than hydrogen.
  • Posted 22 Feb 2020 07:11
  • Discussion started by Exalteze
  • Halifax, United Kingdom
Exalt leading the way to a zero emission future
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Well The new truck that will change the global counter balance forklift market will be out in the fourth Quarter this year.

As for you saying that automation will not catch on, It will be the likes of Amazon that drives this and Amazon will make it work.

As for your prediction about Diesel, Diesel will be gone before 10 years the cost and complexity of tier V will go along way to the end of Diesel. The main reason will be companies are not only looking at their own carbon footprint but also the carbon foot print of their supply chain. So companies wanting to stay in business will change to meet their customer requirements. Cites and Governments are making Clean air areas, in the UK London is doing this is the transport industry and will soon be looking at all other industries so this change will be forced on to people it will be change or face high cost of running old Diesel equipment. One way could be having a carbon Tax on Diesel that would make it uncompetitive to run diesel trucks.

At least you were correct on Hyster the fuel cell wont catch on and hyster will have to right off hundreds of Millions of Dollars on this
  • Posted 24 Feb 2020 04:21
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  • Reply by Exalteze
  • Halifax, United Kingdom
Exalt leading the way to a zero emission future
first off i'd like to ask you...
wheres your miracle lift? the one you say is going to change the material handling market as you claim here?
before you come in touting this nonsense you should think about that before you go on promoting something that doesn't work well because of inferior technology and the cost of keeping it up.

Here in the USA
I've seen way to many companies go down this path only to revert back from automation to manual labor employee's that are much less costly in the long run. People are catching on to this trend to push full automation forcing millions of people out of work and companies realizing the cost of the grossly misrepresented technology and then the cost of maintenance repairs and upkeep skyrocketing. We are decades away from anything like that and frankly speaking automation will never fully take over ever.
As far as hyster and the hydrogen cell? that never caught on because of what i previously said, it doesn't work, is way too costly, nobody wants that. MCFA went down that road 10yrs ago when it first came out and quickly realized it was not viable enough to pursue so they scaled it back quite a bit and they moved on to the new standards for diesels with DPF systems and electrics. In fact most mfg's have gone down this more reasonable path now, and of course along with that there is the required special training for tech's to be qualified to work on these systems. Also many companies have toyed with the prospect of using PNG systems but that too in itself was found to be very expensive and just didn't take hold in the market that well.
This global initiative being pushed out by the WTO is a bad idea and only serves one purpose, making the top officials $$$ while the lower workers suffer through failures one after another only to be laid off IF this plan succeeds. This is why diesel and gas and LPG products are not going anywhere anytime soon, they will be here long after your 10yr prediction sir.

Before you gain any credibility in anyone's eyes you should produce your past offerings before bringing anything new product related or otherwise to the table.
  • Posted 23 Feb 2020 05:38
  • Reply by swoop223
  • North Carolina, United States
You've been swooped!

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