the End of Materials Handling as it is known today

The Materials Handling market is about to change. With only around six or seven of the world's manufactures serving. With in the next 10 years most warehouse will be completely different Companies like KION of China DAMATIC or TOYOTA of Japan VANDERLANDE will dominate the warehouse business with hole turnkey products. Pallet trucks, reach trucks VNA truck will all be replaced with automated equipment.

Counter balance forklift sales will also decline and be replaced with complete handling systems that will be able to move products around a facility with out the need of an operator. Out side the facility there will also be big changes Both Diesel and electric forklifts will be replaced with 100% zero emission products that will have much longer ranges then electric forklifts and will be able to handle loads up to 72,000kg while being 100% zero emission. Companies Like Hyster who have backed Hydrogen to the tune of up to $260 million investment will see this disappear as hydrogen forklifts wont be able to compete with the new technologies that will offer lower cost's ,no need for high pressure systems ,be less explosive and more cost effective than hydrogen.
  • Posted 22 Feb 2020 07:11
  • Discussion started by Exalteze
  • Halifax, United Kingdom
Exalt leading the way to a zero emission future
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Hyster Yale lost $173 Million they have pumped over $200 Million into Nuvera all of which will have to be writen off in the next coupe of years when people relise hydrogen fuel cells are not Viable. They have just put a Hydrogen Truck into ther port of Los Angeles that has a range of only 10 hours and it needs two hydrogen fuel cells.
Hyster Yale are in big trouble they paid $110 Million for a small chinese manufacture thats around 25% of their market cap. In fact over the next two to three years they wll write of over 50% of their market cap. and you belive their not in trouble
  • Posted 20 Oct 2022 02:50
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  • Reply by Letaq60n
  • W. Yorkshire, United Kingdom
They're not.
  • Posted 20 Oct 2022 01:49
  • Reply by ChrisK
  • Kansas, United States
No you have your opinion, but you can't say that Hyster Yale are not in trouble
  • Posted 20 Oct 2022 01:47
  • Reply by Letaq60n
  • W. Yorkshire, United Kingdom
And yet you still haven't sold a single Wonder Truck. Something we all have pointed out before. You also won't sell a single Wonder Truck in the next couple of years, again you will say the same old BS about your non existent product. We don't need to point out your lack of progress as your results do this on THEIR own.

Insert the "glad you know so much about our company" response here.
  • Posted 19 Oct 2022 23:09
  • Reply by ChrisK
  • Kansas, United States
Ok so you made your point. Like I said your free to your opinion. But you also seem to say I'm talking trash talk about another manufacturer. I take by this you mean Hyster Yale, so ok they lost $173 million last year something I have pointed out before. They will also lose more in the next couple of years again you will say I'm just knocking Hyster Yale but I don't need to as their results do this all on there own
  • Posted 19 Oct 2022 23:01
  • Reply by Letaq60n
  • W. Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Trash talk trash talk trash talk. Ok to trash talk a Major mfg?

Do not need your censorship.
  • Posted 19 Oct 2022 20:30
  • Reply by Dexter1212
  • Texas, United States
Don't know if the post was aimed at me because I didn't see it. But it seems most are.

I personally think that everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, and they should be free to say this. Some people might be offended but that not the person who said it fault.
  • Posted 17 Oct 2022 22:47
  • Reply by Letaq60n
  • W. Yorkshire, United Kingdom
I am very sorry if i offended anybody with my last post that was removed. I find it hard to figure out why. I have a couple of aussie buddies that i would say are not thin skinned. Skin about 2 inches thick and like concrete.
  • Posted 17 Oct 2022 21:46
  • Reply by Dexter1212
  • Texas, United States
By corporate edict we were ordered to destroy that unit QJ - 37 ***and all associated drawings. Some patents remained.. That unit along with other equipment operated all 5 days of our live with music and song exhibition in Detroit from 9 AM to 5 PM. We wowed the crowd with pretty lades and song of Petula Clark -" Down Town" and live demonstrations of 3 pieces of equipment - two made it into production.
*** stood for Quantum Jump 3rd design and 7 = a Lucky Nomber.
  • Posted 17 Oct 2022 11:33
  • Reply by johnr_j
  • Georgia, United States
"Have An Exceptional Day!"
Seem to recall these FAC screen names - Exalt - when Dave was in the UAE, then took on a handle of Exalteze when he relocated to the UK and then a this current handle of Letaq60n in another town in the UK. and of course just plane old Dave.. There may have been one I missed - but that is the 4 I do recall.
  • Posted 17 Oct 2022 11:11
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  • Reply by johnr_j
  • Georgia, United States
"Have An Exceptional Day!"
Dave I already have your address not hard to find at all so will just be calling round to see the proof. As for the names it's not 2 it's at least 4 because everytime you dissolve a company and start up yet another one it's a new name yet again?? I don't know it may be 5 did you ever have shawloader as a user name before you took that company down the toilet??
  • Posted 17 Oct 2022 06:19
  • Reply by lifter01
  • West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Absolutely not like I stated they were in a cost reduction mode, even though they continue to develop new technologies - eg - CNG systems for ICE units, battery powered USPS postal delivery trucks, sold state element motor controller for battery powered - called ACtronic, produced their own drive motors, etc.. AC as a total corporation was much larger than a 250 million dollar//year material handling division - like a 1 billion/year back in the 70s.
But that trip down memory lane has little to do about the project you have been taunting about over the past several years but never had produced a complete working in the iron prototype model - just kisses and promises.. You latest report suggest some of the modules are complete but not all.. Seem to recall you had a model you and your company were ready to show a couple years ago but that didn't happen either.
  • Posted 15 Oct 2022 20:45
  • Reply by johnr_j
  • Georgia, United States
"Have An Exceptional Day!"
Ok then John do you think that if cooperate had approved the capital expenditure Allis - Chalmer might of survived, showing that investment in innovative new products and ideas is the key to survival in corporations
  • Posted 15 Oct 2022 19:51
  • Reply by Letaq60n
  • W. Yorkshire, United Kingdom
nice piece Johnr_j
i remember when that tech came out with the regen capability in the hydraulics.
And gee whizz, there's even a real picture of a real forklift with a real live man inside it.
(chuckles) :oD
  • Posted 15 Oct 2022 10:12
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  • Reply by swoop223
  • North Carolina, United States
You've been swooped!
In the spring of 1976 I was one of a Product Management team lead by my direct boss, the late Thomas J Finlayson,, that brought this product, QJ-37 shown on page 66 of the attachment to market at Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan along with a VNA piece of equipment called the Go-For. The Go- For actually went into production. Corporate would not approve the capital expenditure to go into production for the QJ-37- we had a conditional order for 25 units from United Air Lines at the exhibit in Detroit. At this point in life of Allis-Chalmer Corporation was starting the death of a rag doll - their story ended in 1984/85

Popular Science - Aug 1976 - Page 66 - Google Books Result
https://books.google.com > books

Oh when I read your garble about this "mystery" zero emission world beater - it reminds me and many of the other posters of that song from Walt Disney - "When I Wish Upon A Star"
  • Posted 15 Oct 2022 09:15
  • Reply by johnr_j
  • Georgia, United States
"Have An Exceptional Day!"

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