Toyota 7FGCU25:
Starting issue Will crank on first key . 2nd key turn will fire

Had a messy one today. Fast forward had to replace regulator and all the gaskets at the carb base. Found missing gaskets and was lose originally and now been replaced.All the setting on the truck set to help with the lean conditon. Set the carb screw at 3 turns, the regulator at 3.5 turns. Had to set the distributor about in the middle of the adjustment range. Also found the screw that is sealed up in the carb was drilled out on air cleaner side. I dont have a manual to get the proper settings on everything but seem to get it running when it starts. idle is about 900. So the weird thing is if i crank the engine over all it would do it crank. id stop cranking and try it again immediately after and it will start. after shutting the truc off it would continue to start no problem. If i let the truc sit for a little bit i would have to do the 2 key starts to get it running again.

Next question, the silver smaller solenoid on the top above the fuel line , im assuming it a idle solenoid. while the truck is running i unplugged it and nothing changes running wise. There is battery voltage at that plug when cranking the engine.

Is there a cheat sheet that show the correct way of adjusting the idle and fuel screws? Not sure if the air cleaner side fuel screw is causing some of the issure since i can see the grinder marks on it. No idea what the turns on that screw would be. Anyone have these issues or any ideas. thanks for the future info!
  • Posted 11 Jan 2024 12:03
  • Discussion started by Chad_Fulton
  • Michigan, United States
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Yes you are correct toyota calls it a slow valve l believe that someone grinded the factory set plug at the top to riches the mixture l would replace the lpg regulated it is flooding and as for adjusting the mixture unless you have a5gas lp g emissions machine l would not play with it the factory set it and plugged it so it would not be tempered with.
  • Posted 12 Jan 2024 02:47
  • Reply by Scott_
  • Pennsylvania, United States

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