Komatsu FG14:
Replacement engine advice needed

Hello everyone.

I have a problem with the engine in my little Komatsu forklift, and I was hoping someone could help. The machine is an FG10-12 which I'm led to believe is an import model here in Australia, and it's powered by a Toyota 4P petrol engine & a single speed automatic transmission (forward & reverse).

The problem is the engine. It's near death and needs to be rebuilt, but the 4P is a virtually unheard of engine in this part of the world and I have trouble buying even the most basic tune up parts for the thing let alone anything heavy duty.

What I would like to do is replace the engine with something that is more common down here, and I understand that this particular model was also available with a Nissan H20 engine.

What I was hoping is that there may be someone here who has some experience with either or both of these engines and would know if such a swap would be feasable without re-designing the entire machine, as H20 engines are reasonably well supported down here and changing to one would solve a lot of my problems.

If anyone could offer any advice I'd be extremely grateful,

  • Posted 11 Sep 2011 21:45
  • Discussion started by darren_g
  • Victoria, Australia
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Hi Mrfixit,

I have been exploring that possibility, and short of me being able to find a more common replacement engine that's probably what I'll have to do. The unfortunate thing is that it takes 6 weeks for parts to arrive here from the US by sea freight (air freight is hideously expensive) and I was trying to avoid having the machine immobilised for that long as I wouldn't be able to oder what I needed until after the engine was pulled out & dismantled.

Oh well. If everything was easy then anyone could do it :)

  • Posted 19 Sep 2011 09:26
  • Reply by darren_g
  • Victoria, Australia
I had to repair a couple of the 4P motors and was able to get the parts ok in the USA. Maybe you could have them shipped to you.
  • Posted 19 Sep 2011 02:23
  • Reply by mrfixit
  • New York, United States
Hi Roadtech.

Many thanks for the reply, I greatly appreciate it. I'll certainly give that a try, but at present I'm still finding my feet in the forums and don't yet know how to contact posters directly.

  • Posted 18 Sep 2011 22:31
  • Reply by darren_g
  • Victoria, Australia
Everything is different from torque converter and trans mount to motor mounts to electrcial & cooling system, a 4P & a 4Y may interchange a little easier, but in the long run of a frustration level & cost you may just want to stay with the 4P. Contact Toyzilla on here by email and he may be able to help shed the light on your problem.
  • Posted 18 Sep 2011 06:43
  • Reply by roadtech
  • Ohio, United States

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