Cat Lift Trucks (& Caterpillar) CAT T50:
Peugeot Engine Swap

Hey Guys,
can anyone recommend an engine that will bolt in place of this piece of Crap Peugeot Engine with no major modifications?
  • Posted 4 Dec 2008 02:35
  • Discussion started by zybourg
  • Pennsylvania, United States
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I like those old mills,Keep the oil changed and radiator in good shape and they run forever.Atlanta lift salvage is the name of the place Justin refers to.Before Id swap it I think youd be better off replacing it or scorce a diffrent truck.With all the shut downs as of late trucks here are cheap.
  • Posted 4 Dec 2008 08:37
  • Reply by proshadetree
  • Tennessee, United States
those are disgusting
even the drain plug has a square hole for a square drive ratchet incase you strip the hex
its a 10mm not a 3/8 so its useless in america lol
i think the other option for that truck was the cat 1404 or a small perkins
but i forget if the transmissions were diff

theres a huge lift truck salvage yard in atlanta theyre tech guys seem to know whats what
id call them and ask if they could help you
they prob even got a running scrap engine in stock for you
  • Posted 4 Dec 2008 06:34
  • Modified 4 Dec 2008 06:35 by poster
  • Reply by justinm
  • New York, United States
New York, New York its a heluva know that The Bronx is up..and I'm Brooklyn down

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