Crown SC5200:
no steering or hydraulics. Travel o.k.

SC5200 serial 9A227170. AC drive and hydraulics/steering. Fuses and relays ok. Unit goes through start up and line contactor closes. Travel ok. No steering or hydraulics. Both use the same motor and pump. Motor not coming on. inputs and outputs on analyzer check ok. New series to me. If you try to lift or move the steering wheel, the lift motor rotates way slower than normal and not enough to assist in steering or lift. Most help from calls tell me to replace the motor. Others say access 2 or pump. This is an expensive gamble. Anyone ever had this same issue with a positive outcome?
  • Posted 1 Jun 2017 09:56
  • Discussion started by tonymfg
  • New Jersey, United States
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hello, i'm having this exact same issue. travel ok no hydraulics no steering. hyd pump motor turns slowly but gets hot and displays HCM TEMP on dash. past event codes were 226 and 317. took care of 317 by replacing brake switch. code 226 refers to the temp of ACCESS 2 module and asks you to check cooling fans and if not ACCESS 2 module replacement. cooling fan is working. i have service manual but can't troubleshoot further since i can't get into the ANALYZER menu. do you have a password i could use?
  • Posted 11 Jan 2018 11:54
  • Reply by glenn_levit7
  • Texas, United States
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No error codes? What does the analyser report for encoder counts for the steer wheel encoder ECR4 A2.1.10 (should increase/decrease smoothly), the lift pot POT4 A2.2.9 (10v full raise, 1.3v full lower)?

Then check A2.2.10 the actual lift motor speed and A2.2.11 the lift motor target speed? Also A2.3.4 the lift motor current?

It sounds like a poor connection to Access 2 if its not coding, looking at the wiring diagram, ECR4 and POT4 share some common connections, CA404 at Access 2, pin 4 is shared negative and pin 3 seems to be a shared positive.

My inclination would be to unplug CA404 from Access 2, turn it over and check the sockets in the connector. I usually do this with a spare pin, just pushing it into each socket and checking its not loose - I've had two units where this has caused the most bizarre issues.
  • Posted 2 Jun 2017 15:39
  • Modified 2 Jun 2017 15:40 by poster
  • Reply by techno_nz
  • Canterbury, New Zealand

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