Crown SP3020:
no left turn

Hi I have been having an issue with the steering on this 3020 for about a month now. when it first started I changed out the ECR2 encoder and indexed it out. It went onto the floor for about two days. it came back with the same issue. I then changed the load bearing that sits above the upper gear ring. that had no affect what so ever. But I ran a few tests and found that when turning to the right I had battery voltage to steer motor. but when turning left I had anywhere between 3-17vdc. I thought maybe it was the motor so I swapped it out and still had the same issues. the voltage drop is coming from the steering module. Is there anything else I should be checking before I decide to change the steering module? any help would be appreciated.
  • Posted 17 Aug 2018 04:12
  • Discussion started by Busch
  • United States
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