Combilift C6000CB:
No direction

Good morning combi techs

Working on a new combilift CB6000 new unit

The unit intermittently will not mode change, it works fine for about 20 hrs then they try to make a mode change from side mode to forward and it will not go it has happened twice now.

When it happens the correct prox sensors are lit up.

I have gone through plc diag and everything seems to be working as it should.

The mode change valve has battery voltage on the connector and good ground but the valve does not move.

Manually actuate the valve once and the valve operates normally.

I tried loosening all of the valve mounts as well as 6 port and retorquing evenly.

The customer does spend 90% of the time using unit in side mode and doesn't change modes often. 

They also said when it does get stuck in side mode it makes a loud whooshing noise and then it won't change modes.
  • Posted 17 May 2023 22:56
  • Discussion started by Gusstone
  • Ontario, Canada
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Thanks for replying. We installed a new control valve bank changed over all good so far.
  • Posted 20 May 2023 22:34
  • Reply by Gusstone
  • Ontario, Canada
Hi Gusstone,

Combilift technical will be able to help you. The quickest way to contact them is to complete a technical support request, no login required and no cost. Go to the web site, , scroll to the bottom and fill out the "Technical Support" form. This works worldwide and in your case will be directed to the team based in North Carolina.

Hope this helps
  • Posted 18 May 2023 00:44
  • Reply by Richard_Irwin
  • Monaghan, Ireland

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