Hyster E60Z-33:
No Codes

Hello. I am looking for some help with a Hyster E60Z G108N09904F forklift. It doesn't move in any direction, the hydraulics work, and there aren't any codes displayed. I have green led lights on the AC master controller & on both motor controllers. Any help would be appreciated
  • Posted 26 Oct 2019 01:41
  • Discussion started by Brothercane
  • Oregon, United States
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Thank you fore responding. I checked the monotrol on Friday 10/26 and found that the the pedal wasn't connected to the pontentiometer. I slid the pin back in and everything is working great. Not used to working on electrics, mostly gas, propane, and diesel.
  • Posted 30 Oct 2019 02:16
  • Reply by Brothercane
  • Oregon, United States
I Reject Your Reality And Substitute My Own
If you have hydraulics, then you seat switch is working. I would check the monotrol Pedal or Accelerator Pedal Adjustment making sure the switches are working i.e. getting voltage to and from the pedal. Also, check the parking brake switch.
  • Posted 28 Oct 2019 08:05
  • Reply by John_Rogers
  • Florida, United States
John Rogers

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