Crown TC 3000:
Load wheels

Hello, would any body please be able to assist in letting me know weather the load wheels on the TC3000 tow truck comes with bushing and an axle inside?

crown agencies can only give me the part number for the wheel, bearing, string guards and flat washers saying they don't find any part break down for the bushing or the axle that I have found inside my TC's load wheels. I could get new ones made as per sample but it can be a hassle for my circumstances.

The axle and bushing needs to be in the wheel (through the center of the wheel and bearings) in order to have stableness for the threaded bolt that goes through the wheel to hold in place.


  • Posted 27 Aug 2016 19:17
  • Discussion started by SAS7even
  • Guateng, South Africa
Learning everyday.
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Thanks for the help guys..

I managed to have new axles made.

Crowns wheels from the local agent only come with the sleeve bush and the bearings inside the wheels..
At least now I have some great insight on the matter thanks again:)
  • Posted 4 Sep 2016 10:09
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  • Reply by SAS7even
  • Guateng, South Africa
Learning everyday.
yes, thank you for the clarification.
  • Posted 4 Sep 2016 06:12
  • Reply by edward_t
  • South Carolina, United States
"it's not rocket surgery"
Ok, I don't know this unit specifically but Crown generally use sleeves to reduce the bearing inner diameter to the size of the axle and spacers to fit between two bearings at the SAME diameter as the bearing inner. An important distinction. If its a sleeve, it MUST be fitted.

This is a sleeve: http :// / 5gx8g6
  • Posted 2 Sep 2016 20:45
  • Reply by techno_nz
  • Canterbury, New Zealand
Hi, thanks for the reply.

Oh ok I shall give it a go.

I did try having the wheels with out the axle the sleeve bush but it has a lot of play on the wheels.
  • Posted 27 Aug 2016 23:43
  • Reply by SAS7even
  • Guateng, South Africa
Learning everyday.
the metal "bushing" that goes in between the bearings is there to take up space, and can be replaced (more cost effectively) with grease.
The wheel needs to be completely filled with grease upon install, and will take over a 1/2 tube per wheel, but at 3 dollars a tube (what I pay these days on this side of the pond), it is less than a new metal bushing each time.
You could reuse the old wheel's "bushing", as they don't usually 'wear' out, but then you have to knock out one of the old bearing to get to that bushing, which may cost more (at 1.50 to 2 dollars a minute {90 to 120 an hour} labor cost currently what most forklift companies are charging around here) than new bushings or the grease.
  • Posted 27 Aug 2016 22:19
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  • Reply by edward_t
  • South Carolina, United States
"it's not rocket surgery"

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