Hyster N30XMR:

We have a HYSTER reach truck (model: N30XMR3; s/n: C470N01664Y) ahve some problem with "reset to Neutral", We do not know how to reset it, Could someone advise me. Thank you
  • Posted 27 Aug 2009 18:00
  • Discussion started by joel_zhou
  • singapore, Singapore
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Your reset to neutral message is an indication the truck sees an SRO fault (static return to off). The truck thinks a condition has not been met prior to operating such as the brake pedal, operator switch, handle neutral position, or the auxiliary switches are engaged. Recommend you first disconnect the large connector on the control handle to eliminate the control handle switches as an issue. if the problem resolves, you have stuck closed handle switches.

If the problem does not resolve, check the brake switch at the drive motor for adjustment as well as the operator present switch in the compartment. If the switches are not satisfied when on the truck and you move the handle you will get this message.

Finally if all that is ok, the control handle hall effect sensors are defective or out of voltage range. The neutral switch wire 49 to the control handle should be zero volts at neutral and 5 volts out of neutral. The handle wires #22 and #32 wires are 2.5 volts at neutral position and depending on which way you move the control handle may go down to.5 volts and to 4.5 volts depending on direction.

When everything is normal the MIB (Main Interface Board) will show 0200 on the LED, 300 when ready and on the switches and 0400 and 0500 for travel. 0600 and 0700 for lift and lower and so on. If you have a code displayed such as 0335, 0336, 0337, or 0338, the MIB still thinks you have a unsatisfied SRO condition. A wiring harness or MIB or control handle or switches may require replacement.

Hyster Techical Services.
  • Posted 1 Dec 2010 03:13
  • Reply by bruce_f
  • North Carolina, United States
Somtimes a good smack will work!
  • Posted 29 Apr 2010 06:39
  • Reply by DanMarino
  • Florida, United States
The unit simply thinks that you are holding the control handle.
(in fwd/rev or up/down)
It just wants you to let the control handle return to it's home position.

The problem is in the handle (switch, pot, wire) or you'll have to set up the controller.
  • Posted 18 Sep 2009 04:30
  • Reply by mike_n
  • Alberta, Canada

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