Yale YALE:
Help! air pneumatics keep blowing on all 4 wheels

I bought a used Yale GP060VX, serial# D875V03793N, from an authorized Yale dealer in 2020. It had solid tires and I got them to replace those with air filled pneumatics which are needed on our gravel lot with a slight slope. Since then, I had 5 flat tires and all on different wheels. The problem is that the tube and flap are protruding through the valve stem slot and overtime the tube and flap fail at this point. Attached are a couple of pictures of the valve stem slot and you can see the flap cracking from being pinched into the slot. Here is the sales person's response :"Unfortunately, I don't have any good news as far as the tires go. I have sent these tire pics to multiple people at the tire company we use as well as our service dept and none of them see any reason why these tires are going flat. So, the only recommendation I have is for you to purchase one spare tire and rim for the drive and the steer. This way when/if you get a flat you can change it and then we can bring the flat tire back and repaired."
He thinks they are the same type rims and I am worried if I go this route, I'll be fixing 6 tires instead of 4. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you!
  • Posted 25 Oct 2023 03:35
  • Discussion started by Jaycrow
  • Virginia, United States
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Hi Swoop223,
Yes, they are slit ring rims. That makes sense. Thank you for your help!
  • Posted 25 Oct 2023 21:48
  • Reply by Jaycrow
  • Virginia, United States
hi jaycrow,
These rims that are on this machine, they are the older type split ring rims aren't they? Those had a rather large hole for the stem to stick out of if i remember right.
I've seen this happen before. What's happening is the tire is spinning around the rim, it's not very noticable but it moves just enough to pull on the valve stem area because the tube is trying to move with the tire and the valve stem is being ripped out of the tube, it makes it crack around that hole where it comes out.
Whoever does the tires needs to make sure the tube is the type that has the reinforced valve stem. Then when they put the thing together it might help to put some baby powder inside the tire so the tube can slip. This will cut down on that type failure quite a bit.
Of course the only sure fire way to fix this is to go with solid tires. I know they cost more but in the long run they are better for that application. Just keep the gravel packed and you shouldn't have any issues getting stuck.
  • Posted 25 Oct 2023 14:50
  • Reply by swoop223
  • North Carolina, United States
You've been swooped!

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