Crown RC3020-30:
Hard plugging

I have a Crown RC3020-30 that is doing a hard plug both forward and reverse, sometimes resulting in a PMT to where you have to turn the key off and back on to reset. I have replaced both Fwd/Rev contactors, the plugging contactor at the bottom, the 4 REC B in the contactor panel, and tested the 4 REC by the control board. I have also changed and adjusted the forward reverse switches for the off chance that was affecting it. If it is turned either direction where it drops out one of the motors, it doesn't do it, but both motors seem to be in good shape where one of them is fairly new within the last couple of months. Any other ideas?
  • Posted 7 May 2024 22:51
  • Discussion started by tg0486
  • Missouri, United States
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Ive never seen it do that personally but I wouldn't be suprised. Sometimes when replacing components that can happen.
  • Posted 7 May 2024 23:44
  • Reply by DyslexicNerd_01
  • Wisconsin, United States
I do have the handset and I checked what code 5 was set at last week and it was what the book recommended but I'll have to check it again to remember what it was. Is that adjustment something that can change randomly like that? I am the only one that has control of the handset, so I know it wasn't adjusted by anyone. This just started a couple weeks ago for the operator.
  • Posted 7 May 2024 23:06
  • Reply by tg0486
  • Missouri, United States
On the traction control card you can adjust function code 5 to change the plugging setting. I recommend 150 as a good starting setting for your model of lift. You can adjust that number up and down to get to get the plugging setting you like best. You will need the GE Handset to do this. PN: 112209
  • Posted 7 May 2024 23:01
  • Reply by DyslexicNerd_01
  • Wisconsin, United States

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