Cat Lift Trucks (& Caterpillar) 2EC30:
Fault code 25

We have a Cat 2EC30 with a fault code 25. Does anyone know what this code is for?
Thanks in advance.
  • Posted 5 Jun 2012 04:46
  • Discussion started by Elroy
  • Ontario, Canada
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Not knowing which control system is in this i will give you for both

Microcommand System
Display 25
Accelerator fault low ( in other words the voltage is low)
(!) light on dash flashes
Lift truck has no operation

Possible causes:
- Accelerator control not adjusted correctly or is defective
- dirt has contaminated the optical switches
- open wiring
- logics defect

Note: not long ago i had one of these problems with this code being intermittent at a customer and it wound up being dirt in the accelerator box, the seal on the box had broken and dirt was getting into the optical sensors. I took box apart and cleaned the optical sensors with contact cleaner
DO NOT use anything else ESPECIALLY NOT brake cleaner!
Once you have it clean, reassemble and use silicone sealer to seal up the box to make it air tight.
There is a possibility it could be one of the other things mentioned but this is what i find most of the time in these trucks.

EV100ZX Control System
display code -25
1A Contactor opens slowly or does not open
(if the 1A contactor dropout time exceeds.060 seconds this status code will be displayed)
Possible causes:
- 1A contactor binding
- 1A tips sticking

Hopefully either of these are what you are looking for
good luck

Note: if you are having short contact tip life on 1A or F&R contacts you may also get a code 46
  • Posted 5 Jun 2012 08:33
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  • North Carolina, United States
John Player Jr
LiftOne, LLC
Charlotte, NC

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