Error codes

Currently having an issue with our forklift.

Coming up error codes:

After someone decided to plug the charger into the forklift instead of the batteries.

It also flickers on and off when you switch it on and eventually latches and comes on. Maybe linked to the low charge?

I've left it on a full charge overnight hoping for some ideas to try it in the morning.

  • Posted 7 Jan 2021 07:35
  • Discussion started by CharlieH
  • Cambridge, United Kingdom
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Today I came back to it, worked better and only showed code 204. So I topped up the batteries as all were low. Now left on charge again (equalisation this time).
  • Posted 8 Jan 2021 02:44
  • Reply by CharlieH
  • Cambridge, United Kingdom
Plugging the charger into the forklift is a VERY common occurrence at our facility. You just cannot fix stupid ! BUT we have never had any issues with it causing codes etc. Our chargers will not turn on unless they sense a battery on the other end.
Hopefully your coding etc. is like you say just a very low charge but I think you will be looking deeper.
  • Posted 8 Jan 2021 01:10
  • Reply by UncleSi
  • Manitoba, Canada

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