Doosan (& Daewoo) G25S:
Engine Compression

This is a 1994 model with the cat engine. Does not have a lot of power and is getting weaker. I put on a new LPG carb ,propane filter and converter. No help. Checked compression and it is 125 on 3 cylinders and 145 on 1.
  • Posted 13 Sep 2014 10:08
  • Modified 13 Sep 2014 10:09 by poster
  • Discussion started by ginner1
  • Mississippi, United States
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Also check your ing timing, the Cat 1404 eng is the same, have seen the same conditions with retarded timing...
  • Posted 21 Apr 2017 00:15
  • Reply by metalmole
  • North Carolina, United States
low power?
might want to check valve clearances too
Exhaust:.025in (0.64mm)
Intake:.015in (0.38mm)

i could not find a cylinder compression figure
the book just has a cylinder leak test and says that all compression between cylinders should not vary more than 20%. I'm sure its in some obscure corner of a section in there...i just didn't see it.

There also was a large section on how to adjust the fuel system which could also cause low power situations.
  • Posted 15 Sep 2014 21:43
  • Reply by swoop223
  • North Carolina, United States
You've been swooped!
a 'larger-ish' vac. line from the valve cover to the intake.
  • Posted 15 Sep 2014 04:04
  • Reply by edward_t
  • South Carolina, United States
"it's not rocket surgery"
haven't checked the pcv valve yet. where is it located?
  • Posted 14 Sep 2014 09:52
  • Reply by ginner1
  • Mississippi, United States
replaced the PCV valve yet? if you have so much blow-by that the oil fill cap has blown off, you are without a doubt also forcing oil out the seals including the front and rear main seals. either your piston rings are so worn out that you are scaring the cylinder walls, or your not recirculating the air that is in the crankcase. while the 1 cylinder is a lot lower than the other 3, I would not really expect that to be where your lack of power problem is, more likely the lack of vacuum through the PCV valve circuit, and the leak of vac through the air intake where the pcv should be hooked up.
when you say "the governor is working", can you describe a little more how you know it is working correctly?
  • Posted 14 Sep 2014 00:03
  • Modified 14 Sep 2014 08:00 by poster
  • Reply by edward_t
  • South Carolina, United States
"it's not rocket surgery"
The governor is working. There is a lot of blowby. even blew off the oil filler cap today.
  • Posted 13 Sep 2014 23:50
  • Modified 13 Sep 2014 23:52 by poster
  • Reply by ginner1
  • Mississippi, United States
It is a Hercules.
  • Posted 13 Sep 2014 23:49
  • Reply by ginner1
  • Mississippi, United States
If the governor is broken, then even if the carb's throttle plate is open the governor's my not be causing low power.
  • Posted 13 Sep 2014 10:59
  • Reply by mrfixit
  • New York, United States
are you sure it's a CAT engine!don't recall running into any DAEWOO trucks with CAT engines in them???
Possibly a Hercules engine or a Mitsubishi ???
  • Posted 13 Sep 2014 10:51
  • Reply by kevin_t
  • Pennsylvania, United States
I will have to get the serial #. It is a G25s. Hours? good question, meter broke years ago. It is the original engine in a 20 year old machine.
  • Posted 13 Sep 2014 10:41
  • Reply by ginner1
  • Mississippi, United States
What's the full model and serial number of the truck? How many hours are on it?
  • Posted 13 Sep 2014 10:35
  • Reply by kevin_t
  • Pennsylvania, United States
  • Posted 13 Sep 2014 10:10
  • Reply by ginner1
  • Mississippi, United States

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