Crown PE4500-60:
Crown PE 4500 clutch?

Our Crown PE 4500 seems like a clutch issue? I am not even sure if it has a clutch, but when you try to drive in either direction, it feels like the motor spins and the truck builds up speed, very similar to a clutch, until it gets to full speed. But then the brakes don't work either, so the truck is very unsafe. I am very handy with a wrench and work on multiple lifts but they are all Raymonds so I am not familiar with Crown. I wanted to start here before I start taking things apart. Thank you in advance, us gear heads are a family.
  • Posted 9 Nov 2018 05:27
  • Discussion started by DTucker
  • California, United States
D. Tucker
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It was the splines in the hub, the hub was worn smooth, so the axle was just spinning in it. Replaced the hub and axle, all is good now. Just make sure you periodically grease the new hub and axle or its a PIA to get that out.
  • Posted 14 Dec 2018 05:43
  • Reply by DTucker
  • California, United States
It sounds fine. I will start taking it apart today and let you know what I find.
  • Posted 9 Nov 2018 07:21
  • Reply by DTucker
  • California, United States
probably chewed the splines out of the hub then. does it make a growling sound when accelerating
  • Posted 9 Nov 2018 07:14
  • Reply by JMC1
  • Iowa, United States
yes I have verified the wheel is not spinning, it seems like the clutch is not engaging. Also a lot of brake dust is coming out of the drum, its definitely a problem inside the drum. I just don't want to start taking apart without getting some advice.
  • Posted 9 Nov 2018 07:00
  • Reply by DTucker
  • California, United States
Have you checked to see if the casters are adjusted to tight. that will cause wheel spin.
  • Posted 9 Nov 2018 05:59
  • Reply by JMC1
  • Iowa, United States

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