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Crown seem to be doing very well and taking on new engineers alot, does anybody have any experience with them? are they a good company to work for? are the trucks typical to work on?
  • Posted 5 Feb 2013 05:17
  • Discussion started by uplift
  • lincoln, United Kingdom
upliftuk@gmail*com (*=.)
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Hi Warren were selling quite a lot of RR's in the uk by the sound of things the truck helper is complaining about is a TSP with double deep forks we have had a few problems with part supply for these in the past but things are lots better now. Got to agree with you on your comments on Corwn trucks ive worked on Hyster Jungheinrich and doosan warhousing gear and put Crown ahead of them all ony Jungheinrich comes close. In the uk only Crown sell Crown trucks.
  • Posted 14 Mar 2013 05:55
  • Reply by lifter01
  • West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Hi Helper, Goscor are the agents for the Crown brand in the South African market (past 26 years). Crown parts leads times are actually very good considering we also sell Doosan equipment and theirs are far worse. I am surprised to hear you have the RR in your fleet as they are normally are only sold into the Amercian market the European market (similiar to ours) sells the ESR (sit down Reach Truck). My suggestion is that you go onto the Crown website and find the German contact details alternatively should you wish to email me ([email address removed]) I could email you the email address of the technical support team we liase with in Germany.
With regards to the TSP (VNA) trucks we dominate the SA market with this truck and I can honestly say the Crown trucks are exceptional and work in very different and extreme enviroments compared to the European market.
Hope you come right as Crown truely is a good brand
  • Posted 12 Mar 2013 21:08
  • Reply by warren_n
  • Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa
Sounds like a dealer issue not the equipment Helper
  • Posted 1 Mar 2013 05:55
  • Reply by Gordo
  • Alberta, Canada
Lifter01, of course you are entitled to your own opinion however, I am only voicing our opinion based upon our experience. We have Crown man-up VNA equipment and double deep reach trucks on our fleet with parts support being terrible for both products. On the VNA trucks we had recurring problems that they nursed through the warranty period and never actually resolved the problems but instead as soon as the warranty period finished they just wanted to start billing us for new controllers and we ended internally resolving the problem. Re the double deep reach trucks they are 36V American trucks that give out too much heat and burn the operators legs. As for getting hold of replacement pantographs - they do come from the US and are on a min 6 week lead time!
  • Posted 19 Feb 2013 05:19
  • Reply by Helper
  • East Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Thanks For the views guys, certainly worth considering!
  • Posted 19 Feb 2013 03:58
  • Reply by uplift
  • lincoln, United Kingdom
Got to disagree with helpers comment parts deliveries are no worse than anybody elses and come form Germany not the US. Are crown a good company to work for i would say yes winning lots of new big orders sales up by a third in the last 2 years and on the whole a very good product
  • Posted 15 Feb 2013 06:22
  • Reply by lifter01
  • West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
They are winning business but who knows at what cost. My exoerience of Crown is that it has very poor parts back up for its equipment leaving trucks off the road for up to several weeks waiting for parts to come from the US. Whether Crown engineers receive lots of earache from customers - that I don't know.
  • Posted 12 Feb 2013 01:47
  • Reply by Helper
  • East Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Uplift, yeah they do seem to be doing well, I know of 2 large contracts near me they have taken from TMH, the trucks seem robust, I new a guy that worked for them a few years back, but he didn't stay long and went to work for Tushu Toyota. You thinking of transfering Uplift?
  • Posted 8 Feb 2013 21:36
  • Reply by BobbyT
  • Wilts, United Kingdom

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