Hyster H50XL:
Crank ok, no start, No spark

Machine serial number A177816255G

Mid 1980's machine

This truck was running fine, but ran out of gas. Refilled gas, now no start, but cranks ok.

New coil, new distributor cap, new points set to.020 gap, new condenser, still no start.

Spoke with head mechanic at dealer, no idea.

+12 volts to coil
- 12 volts to points
No spark at points.

Fuses look ok.

Suggestions please?

  • Posted 21 Dec 2017 09:13
  • Modified 21 Dec 2017 09:15 by poster
  • Discussion started by bruce_t
  • New Hampshire, United States
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I take it this is a Mazda engine.....the points wont have a ign. Module butnwill have a ballast resistor and a ballast resistor relay.....both will be mounted right with the coil....
  • Posted 22 Dec 2017 11:55
  • Reply by kevin_t
  • Pennsylvania, United States
Thanks for the tips.
This forklift is a gasoline version.
If possible, could you please send me a location for the sensing coil?
Does a machine with points have an ignition module?
If so please send me a location of that too.
  • Posted 22 Dec 2017 08:57
  • Reply by bruce_t
  • New Hampshire, United States
I had a s50xl that I bought not working and troubleshot it down to a very similar situation and it ended up being the sensing coil.. I would check your ignition module also.
  • Posted 22 Dec 2017 06:28
  • Modified 22 Dec 2017 06:28 by poster
  • Reply by jdfarms
  • Oklahoma, United States
Did younchange tankmor refill...have seen after changing tankmthqtmthemone flat oring transfers to new tank and then has two orings,not letting coupler make complete contact....other possibility is a vaporizor issue,i doubt its spark related...trucks dont usually run out of gas then have a spark issue after tank fill/change
  • Posted 21 Dec 2017 12:46
  • Reply by kevin_t
  • Pennsylvania, United States

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