Combilift C4000:
Combilift C4000 - weak brake.

COMBILIFT C4000 (25405) 09/2014 year.

Foot brake problem. At a standstill, the combilift is driving when the brake is depressed at the max. While driving, the brake does not brake as it should be weak, the operator makes comments.

The handbrake (red fungus on the board) works and stops the combilift in place. Brakes on engines checked, "rotary inch valve" replaced. New filters and hydraulic oil.

Should there be pressure at the "Ps" output? After connecting the pressure gauges, there is no pressure at the "rotary inch valve" connections. Oil flows, but you can stop it leaking with your finger.

Anyone have any idea what could be wrong with these brakes?
  • Posted 2 Apr 2022 02:42
  • Modified 2 Apr 2022 02:42 by poster
  • Discussion started by tomason2
  • -, Poland
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Hi Cian,
Yes you are correct the inch pedal will disengage the drive. If you need the truck to stop on a slope you can use the emergency brake, or alternatively you could get a switch fitted to the inch pedal to auto engage the brake (usually a 3 to 5 second delay allowed).

As you are in Ireland, the Irish team here are more than happy to help you. You can call Combilift directly and ask for the Irish service team or, you can complete a quick technical support form at the bottom of the main web site or direct link The form only asks for the minimal info so the team can quickly help you. There is no login required and no charge for this support.
This will go direct to the service team (it goes to the team assocaited with your country).
Plaese contact us today and we can advise next steps.

  • Posted 23 May 2024 17:49
  • Reply by Richard_Irwin
  • Monaghan, Ireland
I have a Combilift c4000 with a brake issue. the park brake is working fine and the inching pedal will disengage the drive and stop the combilift, however if the inching pedal is engaged on a slope it will stop and then allow the machine to roll slowly while the inchinh pedal is still depressed. Anyone got any ideas? I am new to working on combilifts
  • Posted 21 May 2024 21:27
  • Reply by Cian_Boylan
  • Ireland
hi tomason2 from what you are describing i would check the inching pedal lever has not slipped around on the shaft so loosen the the lever cap screw and make sure the shaft is all the way back clockwise and then put lpedal lever back on and tighten cap bolt i suspect the lever has slipped forward on the shaft and when you depress inching pedal the reason it still drives is that you are not getting full opening of the valve see how you go
hi richard
  • Posted 2 Apr 2022 21:09
  • Reply by skyreach
  • Victoria, Australia
reach for the sky
I know that this pedal will not stop in place, but why in other combilift, after pressing the brake and adding full acceleration, it does not go?
  • Posted 2 Apr 2022 03:53
  • Reply by tomason2
  • -, Poland
The brake pedal you mention is not actually a brake pedal that applies brakes. It is call an inching pedal. What it does is stop the oil being pumped to drive the wheels. This allow the truck to slow down to a stop. Some trucks are fitted with a button below the inching pedal that will apply the brakes after a pre set no of seconds as you do not want the truck to suddently stop if carrying a high load.
This is explained in the manual that should be in the truck.
I hope this helps, but if you need additional help you can submit a support request via the combilift web site, and just scroll to the bottom and select "Technical Support". There is no cost for this support and no login required.

Hope this helps
  • Posted 2 Apr 2022 03:36
  • Reply by Richard_Irwin
  • Monaghan, Ireland

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