Hyster S135FT:

Looking for code list or info on code 522 800-13

  • Posted 29 Sep 2010 11:01
  • Discussion started by liftguy
  • British Columbia, Canada
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calibrate the E-hydraulic valve.
  • Posted 26 Nov 2015 23:27
  • Reply by BREWSKI
  • Nebraska, United States
Can you help me with the explanation of the error code 522 801 -13? Is a Hyster H3.0 serial L177B15590E
  • Posted 26 Nov 2015 21:10
  • Reply by daniel_v
  • Tulcea, Romania
You need a service level password to access the calibration screen. Do you have a password?
  • Posted 13 Nov 2015 00:33
  • Reply by BREWSKI
  • Nebraska, United States
This is my updated email address.
  • Posted 5 Nov 2015 04:04
  • Reply by Barrym64
  • Washington, United States
Can you refer me to the correct procedure?
  • Posted 5 Nov 2015 04:00
  • Reply by Barrym64
  • Washington, United States
DTC 522800-13 - Transmission Valve Calibration. It means that the transmission has to be calibrated. You have to go int thru the display. Have the transmission at operating temperature. Go to calibrations, transmisson and follow the prompts that come up. It should take about 5 minutes if the trans is hot enough.
  • Posted 5 Oct 2010 03:05
  • Reply by MAK54
  • Wisconsin, United States
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