Can a Clark standup be programmed to not move over 1 MPH with forks fully extended?

Is there any safety features that can a programmed into standup lifts that would slow the unit down when forks are extended up? We have had two accidents, 1 flip over and 1 overhead camera damaged, other than driver training is this a safety feature any supplier provides?
  • Posted 5 Jan 2021 07:46
  • Discussion started by FanMan
  • Ohio, United States
Rick Lemaster
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chances are it can be programmed to slow down when raised so speed is limited but it would have to be a custom setting made by a tech.
It's not something you can do other than to use the operator 'preset' modes which are most likely not slowed down that much.
Most newer lifts do have access through the dash but what you can adjust is limited. To get what you want it would have to be done with a handset or laptop depending on what system is in the truck.
  • Posted 8 Jan 2021 00:09
  • Modified 8 Jan 2021 00:10 by poster
  • Reply by swoop223
  • North Carolina, United States
You've been swooped!
We have Clark NPX reach lifts, there is a limit switch on the mast to lower the speed but it is pretty high up on the mast. So far we have not found a setting to change speeds at lower heights. Not my favorite lifts!! cheap wiring
  • Posted 8 Jan 2021 00:01
  • Reply by GBry
  • Tennessee, United States
No problem. When clark tech comes out to adjust settings, see what other adjustments are available. lift accel, decel, speed, etc. It can get your lifts to perform better for your particular use
  • Posted 6 Jan 2021 07:34
  • Reply by Triggs
  • California, United States
These are lees that a year old. I got a hold of Clark rep and there is a setting to limit speed with forks raised. I wish I knew that when we crashed and destroyed a brand new lift as it toppled over with operator driving it with forks 3/4 raised. Thanks for the reply tho.
  • Posted 6 Jan 2021 07:12
  • Reply by FanMan
  • Ohio, United States
Rick Lemaster
How old are these clark reach trucks? Im not familiar with clark reaches, but modern canbus trucks such as crown and raymond have just about every possible setting and adjustment available thru the display module
  • Posted 6 Jan 2021 06:56
  • Reply by Triggs
  • California, United States

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