Crown WAVE60-118:
BDI stop at 79%??

Hey all!

I have this weird behaviour on one of my wave60 since good times now, didn't really bother me but since I'm more into the maintenance for them I wondering whats going on...

So... the BDI seems to not show more than 79%. I mean, it goes down to let say 25%, so we charge the wave until full charge (green light on the charging base) and when we start it the BDI shows 79%. But the wave is charged full 100%. So... is this just the bdi that have a wrong reading and the wave is really at 100% or the wave simply just don't charge to more than 79% anymore and it think the 79% is a full 100%? Any way to fix this? This really suck cause if we see let say 75% we can't be sure if its really down 25% or like 4%.

Thanks in advance
  • Posted 27 Jan 2024 12:37
  • Modified 27 Jan 2024 12:40 by poster
  • Discussion started by Djaztek
  • Quebec, Canada
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I don't know and can't tell you since I don't really have knowledge in this sorry
  • Posted 15 May 2024 07:21
  • Reply by Djaztek
  • Quebec, Canada
When the lift is at a "full" charge, what is the battery voltage of all 4 batteries together and individually?
  • Posted 15 May 2024 06:59
  • Reply by DyslexicNerd_01
  • Wisconsin, United States
Batteries are new and don't need to be replaced
  • Posted 15 May 2024 06:51
  • Reply by Djaztek
  • Quebec, Canada
You could have batteries that need to be replaced. Are they dry? Do you know how old they are?
  • Posted 15 May 2024 03:51
  • Reply by 1CrownTech
  • Washington, United States
I did this and now when I start it back up it shows like 86% lol
  • Posted 10 May 2024 02:35
  • Reply by Djaztek
  • Quebec, Canada
Let the unit run all the way down to lift lockout which default setting is 20%. Then, charge it fully. When you start it back up the BDI should be at 100%. The battery charge level needs to drop about 30% before being recharged or the controller does not reset the BDI. Give that a try and re-post with an update.
  • Posted 3 May 2024 02:00
  • Reply by 1CrownTech
  • Washington, United States
I would like to add that the bdi now just doesn't change anymore its always stuck at 79% no matter if its full or not. Don't know if this coyld be the same issue..
  • Posted 1 Feb 2024 01:40
  • Reply by Djaztek
  • Quebec, Canada
Check the battery volts at the battery side post on the contactor without the lift cut on,(should be in the 27 volt area been a longtime) then turn the lift on and check the volts going across the 2 posts on the contactor with it pulled in. A worn contactor can cause volts drops as well as drops through the emergency disconnects and the key switch.

The volts go from the batteries through the contactor then the ED switches and end up at the controller all the lift knows is the voltage at the controller.

EDIT most of the time the contactor is the problem because of volts dropped but you can loose volts at each point before it gets to the controller.
  • Posted 31 Jan 2024 11:41
  • Modified 31 Jan 2024 11:51 by poster
  • Reply by Zerk
  • Arkansas, United States

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