Battery acid boil overs!!!

No matter how much you tell em, operators never listen! We have had 2 boil overs this week leaving our sealed floors bleached and the the sealing eaten away. Is there a good battery acid resistant paint that can be used? Our charging area is quite large.
  • Posted 7 Sep 2012 03:01
  • Discussion started by joe_d
  • Texas, United States
Ain't nothing I can't fix but a broken heart and the break of day!
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We have battery fill systems with the blinkie and BID module. Our chargers are "smart" chargers that communicate with the BID module on the battery and adjusts the rate of charge accordingly so the batteries can be opportunity charged if need be. The trucks are cycled out on the chargers during the night (I have twice as many trucks as chargers) by our one overnight guy. I teach the operators to check for 100% charge and check the blinkie at the start of their shift. If blinkie is out take the truck to the watering station and fill the battery. At the watering station is a stack of forms that say DO NO CHARGE UNTIL AT OR BELOW 35% with a place for the date that they can put on the truck for the overnight guy. The problems we are having is the overnight guy doesn't pay attention or the operator doesn't put this form on the truck or a temp just doesn't give a crap. Meanwhile the floors look like crap right outside the main office where the chargers are at which is bad when we have big wig tours.
  • Posted 7 Sep 2012 22:12
  • Reply by joe_d
  • Texas, United States
Ain't nothing I can't fix but a broken heart and the break of day!
Have you considered a battery fill system for each battery? BFS makes a nice one and it provides a visual indicator as to when it is time to refill.
  • Posted 7 Sep 2012 07:44
  • Reply by johnr_j
  • Georgia, United States
Hi Joe
i'm not sure if theres much of anything that can withstand exposure to battery acid for any amount of time without it eating it up.
You can try using an extreme duty epoxy paint, and maybe even put sealer over that.
As for the concrete? once the acid soaks into the floor the acid will start etching it out and as deep as it soaks will eventually deteriorate. The best defense against acid (battery) spills is to have some neutralizing solution handy and put it on the area immediatly when discovered. They do make spill kits designed for this i do believe, just shop around at places like grainger or mcmaster-carr.

looks like you need to have a battery maintenance class with your operators on how to check, fill and charge a battery.
One of the first rules to teach them is NEVER fill before charging EXCEPT ONLY IF the cell plates are dry.
AND THEN ONLY put enough water to cover the plates.
Then you can charge the battery and IF it needs water after charging THEN they can fill the cells to the correct level.

good luck!
  • Posted 7 Sep 2012 07:14
  • Reply by Jplayer
  • North Carolina, United States
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