Advice on becoming a self employed flt instructor

Hello all new to this platform.
I'm at aitt cat 1 instructor with 2 years instructing and over 8 years on a bunch of MHE. The papers I hold at the minuet are for B1 and d1 with a few more I want to get experience with many attachments for the B1 and A1 A2 Z1 Z2 (high lift ppts) with my last employer I trained alot most weeks would be somthing.
my request for advice is I want to turn this training in to a full career but as I've only ever been employed never self employed I'm not sure where to start. I belive becoming a sub contractor is my first step (somthing I'm still researching the ins and outs off) I'm furtunate that i currently work a 4 on 4 off shift patten so I was thinking to use 2 of my days off to sub contract as a trainer to test the water. And if all gose well and the opportunity is there then I can make the jump. Am I on the right track. If anyone has any steps that I could take or advice on what I should try? Thanks ahead of time.
  • Posted 24 Apr 2023 07:44
  • Discussion started by Ben_Johnson
  • United Kingdom
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We are a Cat 3 training organisation that uses both employed and sub-contracting FLT instructors. Lots of instructors are nervous to start to become self employed but most really enjoy it when they get used to invoicing and running their own diary.
Most good Cat 2 and Cat 3 providers make it very easy for sub-contracting instructors to organise their work and getting paid for it. You could seek further advice from AITT speak to the director you can find the details at www.aitt.co.uk or speak with us www.bendi-flt.co.uk and speak to the director
  • Posted 27 Apr 2023 19:36
  • Reply by jonathan_h
  • Worcestershire, United Kingdom
Thanks alot that's a fire bit to read up on and to think about.
  • Posted 24 Apr 2023 21:35
  • Reply by Ben_Johnson
  • United Kingdom
I would suggest you read the "Forklift Diaries" as there is an article from somebody who set up a business as an FLT Instructor.
As for gaining experience in the commercial world of training, it is a case of contacting training companies who are looking for Cat 1 instructors and offering opportunities that suit your availability.
The issue being whether they will accept your training experience as sufficient to employ you. It is unfortunately the catch 22 situation of cannot get experience without a job and cannot get a job without experience.
Also, it can be the issue of your certification being AITT and finding an AITT accredited company who are looking for sub-contractors.
My suggestion would be to start looking at the AITT website for training companies in your area and then contactingthem to ask if they are hiring.
There is work out there, but you will need to find a company that will give you the initial start. Good luck.
  • Posted 24 Apr 2023 21:18
  • Reply by Tat2dPete
  • Strathclyde, United Kingdom

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