Doosan (& Daewoo) GC55C-9:
Accessing Codes

Good day,

I have a customer with two new Doosan GC55C-9. Both trucks have mil lights on. I was hoping someone could assist with accessing codes. I do have a kubota cable with a generic scanner but unfortunately won't communicate with this truck. Is there a way on these new trucks to get the mil to flash codes?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
  • Posted 15 Oct 2022 02:20
  • Discussion started by JayJ
  • Ontario, Canada
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What engine is in these lifts? You can use a generic obd scanner with the GCT/ Nissan engine but you will have to have a laptop to access a Hyundai
  • Posted 4 Nov 2022 04:01
  • Reply by rc_w
  • North Carolina, United States

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