Yale ERP040VFN48TE082:
65043 code

I have a unit that came to me with this code popping up and the smell of hot wires. I dont have a good book on these but from what I can find its saying traction controller possibly. Is this where I should look or should I be looking at something else
  • Posted 4 Jun 2024 22:45
  • Discussion started by Pupupuputter
  • Ohio, United States
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I ended up finding the solenoid that the main power wire connects to had melted spots on it I changed it and so far the lift has been running fine...this unit was converted to full lithium conversion
  • Posted 11 Jun 2024 05:43
  • Reply by Pupupuputter
  • Ohio, United States

This can be hard to determine without some knowledge of the lift. Lift the floorboard and look for a black box on the left side. Make sure all fuses are good. There should be a resistor at the min contactor. Check to make sure it is not broken. May have problem with right traction controller or wiring. Controller may need to be updated using computer software. Before you start digging deep, look at the back of the lift beside the tire at the back of the battery box on the left side. There is a wire harness that comes up and is covered by a thin metal plate. Have seen customer trying to move the lift using another. They end up sticking a fork into the harness. Good Luck.
  • Posted 11 Jun 2024 04:57
  • Reply by Fishmech
  • Virginia, United States
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