Hyster E50XN-33:
12546 Code intermittent with battery charged

Hyster E50XN giving code 12546 even with battery charged, and even after code goes away it comes back. Sometimes these forklifts "remember" the code even after charge, but that's not what's happening this time. We can unplug the battery, plug it back in, rekey and the code goes away and the machine can be operated. But if you immediately rekey a second time the code is back.

Could something be wrong with the seat or battery connection? Every time the hood was up, turning the key on, it was fine, but after lowering the hood and turning on the key, the code comes back, with or without someone actually sitting in the seat. Also, with the hood up, you can put pressure on the seat sensor and turn the key on and the same fault comes up.
  • Posted 6 Sep 2023 23:48
  • Discussion started by Andrew_Guild
  • Ohio, United States
Andrew Guild

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