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Logistica 2019

Netherlands, UTRECHT - 5-7 November, 2019
In recent years, businesses have made great progress when it comes to investing in their logistical operations. The growing economy is of course a major contributing factor, but the underlying stream that leads to investments is far more important. Logistics has transformed from merely one of the components of a company's business processes into a crucial success factor. The standards of clients/buyers/consumers have changed: it is now possible to have products shipped to you from anywhere in the world within 24 hours - at least, that is what they have come to expect. In order to meet these new standards, businesses will have to efficiently and effectively structure their processes. In order to keep the costs of doing so under control, mechanisation and automation are absolutely essential.

Similarly, suppliers are undergoing a fundamental shift. This is undoubtedly partly the result of what their own clients are experiencing. In many cases, suppliers can no longer make do with simply developing and selling products. End users want solutions that help them satisfy their clients' wishes. That calls for integrated applications through product development, collaboration with other suppliers and the implementation of new technologies (such as IoT, robots, VR and AR).

Logistica helps you manage growth and change with innovative applications pertaining to mechanisation and automation in the logistics and supply chain sector. This year's main theme is Smart Warehousing.
5-7 November, 2019
10.00-17.00 Hrs
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