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Linde R16HD01
  • LindeR16HD01
  • 2013 | Used - Sale
  • United Kingdom
  • GBP 7,600
Linde R16HD01
  • LindeR16HD01
  • 2013 | Used - Sale
  • United Kingdom
  • GBP 5,350
Linde R16SN12-115
  • LindeR16SN12-115
  • 2014 | Used - Sale
  • United Kingdom
  • GBP 5,910
Linde H80D01-900
  • LindeH80D01-900
  • 2012 | Used - Sale
  • United Kingdom
  • GBP 37,690
SMV (Konecranes) SL37-1200A
  • SMV (Konecranes)SL37-1200A
  • 1998 | Used - Sale
  • Germany
Linde L14AP133
  • LindeL14AP133
  • 2010 | Used - Sale
  • United Kingdom
  • GBP 3,660
Linde R16HD01-1120
  • LindeR16HD01-1120
  • 2013 | Used - Sale
  • United Kingdom
  • GBP 5,350
Hyster H5.5FT
  • HysterH5.5FT
  • 2007 | Used - Sale
  • United Kingdom
  • GBP 9,850
Linde R16HD01-1120
  • LindeR16HD01-1120
  • 2013 | Used - Sale
  • United Kingdom
  • GBP 5,350
Linde R16HD01-1120
  • LindeR16HD01-1120
  • 2013 | Used - Sale
  • United Kingdom
  • GBP 5,350
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Nick Welch: 10 ways to minimise forklift training risk during the COVID-19 outbreak
In light of the coronavirus outbreak, Nick Welch has received lots of questions about whether to continue forklift training and whether it’s possible to safely deliver materials handling equipment (MHE) training.
24 Jun 2020
Nick Welch: Training new operators
Did you know that workers are more likely to have an accident in their first six months on the job than at any other time in their working life? Nick Welch highlights how training can ensure workers’ safety and avoid unnecessary injuries.
21 Jan 2019
Nick Welch: Are your training records up to standard?
It’s vital that records of forklift operator training are held by all employers, because it is proof that training - not just testing - took place, according to Nick Welch.
24 May 2018
Nick Welch: Top tips for safe forklift mounting and dismounting
Many musculoskeletal and other injuries occur when operators are getting on and off forklift trucks. Although mounting and dismounting techniques may vary, depending on the particular truck, the following steps should be considered to reduce the risk of incident or injury, according to Nick Welch.
1 Nov 2017
Nick Welch: 8 top tips to efficient cold store forklift operations
Special environments require unique approaches, according to Nick Welch.
29 Mar 2017
Nick Welch: How to choose the right forklift training
Nick Welch offers some advice on selecting appropriate training.
25 Jul 2016
Nick Welch:Slow and steady always wins the race
Materials handling is not a sprint, if you want to do it safely, according to Nick Welch.
6 Apr 2016
Nick Welch:Are your forklift operators fully trained?
Nick Welch warns that Basic Operator Training is just the start of operator preparation.
13 Apr 2015
Nick Welch: Supervisors are responsible for forklift operations
As awareness of the risks of forklift operation rises, Nick Welch argues that the buck stops with supervisors.
2 Feb 2015
Nick Welch: Reducing complacency in the workplace
When accidents involving forklifts occur, often the first question is “what did the operator do/not do?” It’s inevitable. But Nick Welch suggests we look at the bigger picture.
30 Sep 2014
Nick Welch: Making the Case for Conversion Training
Qualifications on one machine do not guarantee competence on other equipment, warns Nick Welch.
8 Jul 2014
Nick Welch: Modernising ACoP L117
The UK’s comprehensive safety guidelines continue to evolve, and Nick Welch advises employers and operators to stay on top of the changes.
21 Oct 2013
Nick Welch: Monitoring and managing risk
Besides complying with regulations, monitoring and managing safety make business senses, according to Nick Welch.
4 Jun 2013
Nick Welch: Training can reduce risk
Forklifts are ubiquitous in industry, moving goods and materials in every sector. Unfortunately, as Nick Welch explains, they are involved in about a quarter of all workplace transport accidents.
13 Feb 2013
Nick Welch: Operator Development: Further Stages of Training
Training is not just a one-shot effort. As Nick Welch explains, there are various components which all contribute to workplace safety.
24 Sep 2012
Nick Welch: Changes in rated capacity – rider-operated forklifts
Forkliftaction.com News welcomes a new member to the Safety First panel this week. Nick Welch kicks off with a discussion of the appropriate training for the right equipment.
14 Feb 2012