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Mobicon Systems

Brendale, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Based in Queensland, Australia, Mobicon has been manufacturing reliable light-weight straddle carriers for over 25 years. All Mobicon light-weight straddle carriers are built for safely lifting and transporting containers and long loads, with all models being designed with efficiency, safety, and manoeuvrability in mind.

At Mobicon Systems our commitment to quality means that our products are designed for peak performance and longevity, reducing operational costs, and increasing safety, productivity, and profitability.

  • Unique 4 axle design guarantees incredibly low axle-loads, eliminating the chance of damage to the yard, large repair bills, and significant downtime.
  • Hydraulic lifting system ensures the load will not swing or be dropped.
  • The Mobicon places containers close to or within warehouses reducing forklift traffic and reducing the need for hazardous loading docks and slippery ramps.
  • Able to transport containers directly from the warehouse onto the back of a truck, eradicating double handling of the load, and the cost of hiring side loaders.
  • Our remote twist lock system means the operator doesn't have to leave the cabin to connect to the container.
All Mobicon light-weight straddle carriers have a lifting capacity of 35,000kg/77,000lbs, and can handle 20' and 40'-53' containers, tanks, and flat racks.

The Mobicon 2HL

The Mobicon 2HL is best suited for businesses with medium to high throughput.

  • The 2HL stacks containers two high, ideal for operations where space is at a premium.
  • Improves productivity with a two-minute load cycle, and the flexibility to pack and unpack containers wherever and whenever your operation requires.

The Mobicon 2T

The 2T is the ideal model for operations with low to medium container throughput.

  • With its compact design the 2T can go anywhere including under awnings and into warehouses. Can be used in laneways as small as five metres wide.
  • Using rigid lift arms, the 2T Mobicon lifts containers via the bottom corner casting, making it ideal for handling flatracks and bolsters.
  • The 2T reduces operation time with a 3.5-minute cycle and the ability to load containers directly onto road vehicles.

Some of our clients include companies such as Toll, Mainfreight, Linfox, Toyota and Caterpillar, and entities such as the Australian Customs & Border Protection and The US Navy. When you purchase a Mobicon, you are investing in quality design, quality engineering, and quality service.

Company Newsflash
Mobicon Systems is proud to be partnering with the Australian Defence Force in delivering our latest generation 2T Mobicon units. With 7 units being rolled our nationwide, the 2T model offers unparalleled performance for critical national security functions. Mobicon Systems has a proud history of supplying equipment to both the Australian Defence Force and the Australian Border Force for over 20 years.
For more company information, <i>click to visit the Mobicon Systems website</i> For more company information, <i>click to visit the Mobicon Systems website</i> For more company information, <i>click to visit the Mobicon Systems website</i> For more product information, <i>click to visit the Mobicon Systems product page</i>
For more company information, <i>click to visit the Mobicon Systems website</i> - 63 Lugg Street, Bardon QLD 4065, Australia
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