Unlikely muse? On crafting the perfect rock anthem for machine operators

PeO Axelsson -
Forklift Diaries
- 2 Feb 2023 ( #1113 )
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Filming "Let There Be Light", an ode to equipment operators.
Filming "Let There Be Light", an ode to equipment operators.

Amidst tough, often dark, and noisy work environments, you’ll find the unsung heroes of the materials handling and heavy equipment industries. Until now. Tyri Lights’ marketing manager PeO Axelsson has written a rock’n’roll ode to machinery operators and, with the help of his co-workers, has even released a video clip. 

When I grew up in a small village in Sweden, there was only two things that you could do in your spare time - either football or music. I chose music. I started my first rock band at age 10. When we were 15, we released our first single. Since then, I have always played in bands in my spare time – semi-professionally. 

In the ‘80s I played in a band called Kings Club. And in 1987 we decided to split up. All members left home for Stockholm, Gothenburg or Los Angeles. Trying to live their dreams. In 2019 we reunited and started to make new music. Since then, we have released nine new songs (on Spotify and other streaming platforms).

Then last year I started my solo project PAX (which stands for PeO Axelsson - but also the Latin word for peace). 

PAX and TYRI Lights - Let There Be Light

Music is a large part of my life, but I am happy it never became my work because it means I can do it purely for enjoyment. Just a lust for creating new music.

I have worked as a marketing manager for many years, in a number of different industries including Stena Line Ferries, hotels and a company that works with digitalization of hospitals/care. My background does not involve a lot of B2B, which I think this helps me to think a little creatively, or outside the box when marketing in the industrial space. I have worked as marketing manager at TYRI for four years now. 

The idea to do a TYRI song came to me two or three years ago. I decided I would write a rock song inspired by all those heroes who operate heavy machinery. To me, the tough, often dark environment, the noise, the light from the lamps – everything is perfect for rock! 

After a brainstorming workshop with the marketing department, I wrote the song, “Let There Be Light”, and then began collaborating with countless TYRI employees – and even our customers - to produce it. 

We made the ambitious decision to release the song on all the global music platforms, so we knew we needed some external expertise. 

PeO and Christian recording at the Grand Recordings music studio.
PeO and Christian recording at the Grand Recordings music studio.

We recorded at the prestigious Grand Recordings music studio in Gothenburg, with help from producer Danne Johansson. In the studio, Christian Wadell (TYRI Global R&D Director) and I worked with some really skilled musicians. I sing and play bass and Christian sings as well.

Christian Wadell (TYRI Global R&D Director) on site at the shoot.
Christian Wadell (TYRI Global R&D Director) on site at the shoot.

We wanted the video to live up to the heavy sound of the song, for it to be something out of the ordinary. We turned to a TYRI customer to find the perfect environment, a quarry outside Ljungby in southern Sweden. You probably couldn’t find a better location for this type of music video. 

After over a month of preparation, the filming took place during an afternoon and an evening in November. We were very lucky with the weather: if the song had been scheduled to shoot even two days later, it would have been impossible due to the bad weather that set in for a number of weeks.

Everyone in the video is TYRI staff from different parts of the organisation including people in production, R&D, marketing and sales. Even the founders of TYRI Sweden (Martin Karlberg & Kjell Ljungberg) are in the video doing the handclapping.

All the lighting in the video comes from TYRI’s work lights, which gave the location a magical look. Three fully equipped machines deliver nearly 100,000 effective lumens from the front. The background is lit with an additional 50,000 effective lumens. 

This is the coolest project I’ve ever worked on. I’m so proud and happy that we accomplished this together. The result is incredible, even if I do say so myself.

All the lighting in the video comes from TYRI's work lights, which gave the location a magical look.
All the lighting in the video comes from TYRI's work lights, which gave the location a magical look.


Just for fun, PAX obliged us in our quickfire rock questionnaire:

The iconic KISS - Destroyer album cover.
The iconic KISS - Destroyer album cover.
  1. Number one rock anthem: ACDC - Back in Black

  2. Greatest album cover: KISS - Destroyer

  3. Best song for a broken heart: Nazareth - Love Hurt

  4. Best song for a road trip: ACDC - (I'm on a) Highway to Hell?

  5. Your dessert island song (just one!):  Joanna/Eddie Grant - Gimme Hope

  6. Song with your favourite lyrics: I have to say "PAX - Enter the light" written after my father’s death.

  7. The artist you admire most (dead or alive): Freddie Mercury!


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