TVH’s past, present and future of parts for mobile elevating work platforms

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Safety is of the essence when working at great heights. That’s why mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), or aerial work platforms (AWPs), must always be well-maintained. This means you’ll eventually need replacement parts. And that is where TVH comes in, as your supplier of parts for MEWPs with almost 20 years of experience! We are a one-stop shop with parts for all major makes and models on the market. In addition, we’re continuously striving to further develop our range, with attention to market trends. Learn all about the past, current and future development of our offer in this interview with TVH Expert Rik Vanwildemeersch.

About the expert

Rik Vanwildemeersch is Market Development Specialist for mobile elevating work platforms at TVH. He monitors and analyses the MEWP market to effectively develop TVH’s range of parts for that equipment. Since his first day at the company in 2004, Rik has taken on various roles in different departments, ranging from Ecommerce Advisor over External Sales Support to Product Manager Coordinator. Thanks to those experiences, he has a deep understanding of the DNA of TVH and MEWP.

TVH, one-stop shop for MEWP parts

“In what can only be described as a funny coincidence, my career at TVH is actually as old as our experience with parts for MEWPs,” Rik begins. “TVH first emerged as a parts supplier for mobile elevating work platforms in 2004. Throughout the years, we have steadily expanded our range. In that way, we have evolved into a one-stop shop with over 1,5 million known references for mobile elevating work platforms.” 

“That extensive range of high-quality parts includes joysticks, wheels & tyres, body & chassis parts, hydraulic components, printed circuit boards, batteries & battery chargers, sensors, decals, and much more.”

Compatible with all major makes

“Our wide offer of parts and accessories is compatible with all major makes on the market, including Aichi, Airo, Dingli, Dinolift, Genie, Grove, Haulotte, Hinowa, Holland Lift, Imer/Iteco, JCB, JLG, LGMG, Magni, Manitou, Mec, Niftylift, Sinoboom, Skyjack, Snorkel, Terex, Teupen, Upright, Youngman, Zoomlion …”

Partnerships ensure great service

“And that’s not all,” Rik adds. “At TVH, we’re also always open to partnerships. Recently, we became an official distributor of Sinoboom mobile elevating work platform parts. But those partnerships aren’t limited to machine makes, especially when safety is involved. We are, for example, also an official distributor of Delta-Q. That company supplies battery charging solutions that improve the performance and reliability of machines. Of course, we are also always open to other partnerships that will help us provide an even better service for our customers!

For numerous equipment types

“Our parts and accessories are suitable for all types of mobile elevating work platforms. For scissor lifts, this includes low-level access, wheeled and tracked rough terrain scissor lifts, push around scissor lifts, electric machines, machines with a combustion engine, etc. For boom lifts, we can help with parts for telescopic boom lifts, articulated boom lifts, vertical boom lifts, crawler boom lifts, and much more. But don’t hesitate to contact us for parts for machines that I haven’t mentioned,” Rik remarks. “TVH is a one-stop shop, so it’s very likely that we’ll still be able to help.”

Remanufactured parts

“If a new part isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, then TVH is still the place to be. Because next to brand-new parts, we also offer remanufactured parts. Repaired and reconditioned by the skilled technicians in our Parts Workshop or Electronics Department, those parts are of top quality. And they come with the same one-year warranty as our new parts. For mobile elevating work platforms, TVH can help with remanufactured joysticks, printed circuit boards, hydraulic components, (integrated) chargers and much more.” 

The electric future

“To provide the best service, we of course pay close attention to the market”, Rik explains. “A notable trend within mobile elevating work platforms is electrification. This definitely isn’t a new occurrence, since about 50% of all MEWPs in use are electric. And that number continues to increase, partly due to legislation like stricter emission and noise standards. But the economic benefits also make electrification an attractive option.”

Advantages of electrification 

“Electric mobile elevating work platforms are in several regards cheaper than machines with combustion engines. First of all, electricity is currently more affordable than fuel. Secondly, an electric machine is more versatile, because it can be used indoors as well as outdoors. A third important advantage is that electric MEWPs contain fewer (hydraulic) components, which results in higher reliability. After all, there’s a lower chance of downtime due to machine breakdowns.”

Parts for electric MEWPs at TVH

"All necessary parts for electric mobile elevating work platforms are already available at TVH," Rik reassures. “But we’re also keeping an eye on the market. Because it’s still unsure whether the evolution will remain limited to further electrification, or if hybrid machines will gain more momentum. However, the balance seems to be tilting towards the former, with the emergence of electric boom lifts and electric rough terrain MEWPs. And if we look one step further ahead, we see that several manufacturers are even experimenting with hydrogen.”

Other developments

“Ultimately, everything will depend on what investments the customer is willing to make and the costs associated with them. And that stance is not limited to electrical machines”, Rik elaborates. “At TVH, we’re continuously monitoring all trends and developments with mobile elevating work platforms. In addition, we keep a close watch on the needs and expectations of our customers and adapt where necessary. And in that way, we continue to offer the best possible service for parts for mobile elevating work platforms.” 

Ready to order?

If you’re ready to order, you can visit our online shop to order your mobile elevating work platform parts online. In addition, you can also always contact us. Our in-house experts are happy to assist you via e-mail, phone, our online shops MyTotalSource and IRMN …

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