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The Future of Work Vehicle Lighting

Thursday, 18 February 2021 ( #1013 )
In the automotive industry, lighting has long been an important part of a vehicle's design, safety, and brand. Today, this is becoming increasingly seen in work vehicles too. However, knowledge about what makes good lighting on heavy vehicles is generally quite low, this is a knowledge gap that can be costly in several ways. Industry leading work lighting company, TYRI, has invested in a digital academy to help address this issue and increase the industry's knowledge of light and lighting. Quality of light - not just lumens and price Choosing the right work lighting is not always easy, says TYRI R&D Director, Christian Wadell. - Too many people base their buying decisions for work lights on brightness and price. However, it is also important to consider both product quality and light quality. It is important to create as even light as possible, without the risk of glare and with a colour temperature that is akin to the sun's light. This makes the driver feel safer and they can work without fatigue caused by eye strain. In addition, it is important to choose products that withstand the stresses that work machines put on them. This minimizes downtime and service costs. TYRI Light Academy has been launched as a platform on TYRI's website with filmed lectures, webinars, articles, and instructive guides. All to easily provide more knowledge about work lighting to both vehicle manufacturers, buyers, and end users. This is a free service for the industry. To learn more, visit The Future? TYRI predicts the future of work vehicle lighting will change dramatically as new innovations such as automation and electric vehicles become commonplace. Lighting will become much more about communication and safety. These trends also suggest that manufacturers, who see the potential of using lighting design as a means of standing out from the competition, will work more closely with companies like TYRI - who can act as an integral part of their design team. Utilising specialist lighting knowledge from concept to delivery of quality, unique lighting solutions can add value to a manufacturers brand and is often more cost effective than many realise. TYRI has already worked with some of the most recognisable names in the heavy vehicle sector to deliver unique lighting tailored to brand identity and performance both in headlight and work light technologies. Join TYRI as we deliver our thoughts on future trends in our webinar:

DESIGN & INTELLIGENCE - The future of heavy vehicle lighting Date: Thursday 4th March Time: 15.00-15.45 CET (14.00-14.45 GMT) Language: English Register today here

New technologies and the demand for unique design in heavy vehicles call for new solutions in vehicle lighting. Functionality, design, intelligence and safety are all becoming increasingly important. Modern technology provides endless possibilities with regards to custom lighting solutions for OEM, this webinar explores these opportunities and the future implications of these advances. Six trends covered in this webinar:
  • Autonomous & Electric vehicles
  • Projecting warning lights
  • Quality lights & quality light
  • Design as a strategic tool
  • Intelligent lighting solutions
  • Environment & Sustainability
PROGRAM (45 minutes)
  • Introduction - PeO Axelsson
  • "Trends in work lighting" - Christian Wadell
  • TYRI - solutions for today & future needs - Annette Brown
  • Questions & Answers - Christian Wadell + Sibylle Naumann-Edgren
Christian Wadell is Global R&D Director at TYRI Lights. He has over 25 years experience within high tech industries, and a deep knowledge of trends, design and construction. To learn more about TYRI, visit
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