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BOLZONI AURAMO at the CEMAT India 2010

Thursday, 17 February 2011 ( #501 )
AR Series Paper Roll Clamp. Click to vie larger image.
AR Series Paper Roll Clamp. Click to vie larger image.
Bolzoni Auramo was present for the fourth time at CEMAT India 2010 Exhibition held in Mumbai from 15 to 18 December 2010. The Bolzoni Auramo booth showcased some of its most popular products: the AR-Series paper roll clamp with split arm, able to handle different diameter rolls at the same time and offering effective and safe solutions to heavy-duty paper handling tasks, and the new 360° Rotator model RC offering important improvements in terms of visibility and ease of use. The Indian market is recovering following the 2008/2009 recession and the general impression is of a huge potential for the future. The forklift truck market is growing considerably but the most positive aspect is that the stronger interest for efficiency, productivity and safety in working operations from end users is really changing the dynamics of the distribution. The local producers are still playing a massive role but there is increasing space for European competitors.
RC Series Rotator. Click to view larger image.
RC Series Rotator. Click to view larger image.
India is most probably expected to follow the same route of China 15 years ago as far as the material handling sector is concerned and Bolzoni Auramo - following its customer oriented philosophy - is setting up a well organized local presence in order to provide a complete and effective support for attachments business, from pre-sale consultancy up to after- sales back up, through a nationwide sales network able to offer commercial and technical feedback in the field. "We are finally building a fruitful relationship and commitment both with local truck manufacturers and international dealers throughout the Indian territory" - says Vittorio Lucchini, Bolzoni Auramo Export Sales Manager. "Our product range can certainly meet the requirements for attachments currently not available on the market and our aim is to give customers a wider top quality choice. An example is offered by the new DS multiple pallet handler range, very well acknowledged as an innovative tool capable of cutting down the cost and handling time in the beverage material handling sector by 50%". While visitor numbers at the booth were down on 2008 and 2009, feedback this year has provided some valuable opportunities which should lead to local business development. For more information on the Bolzoni Auramo products please contact us at, or visit our web site:
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The CG-S Invert-A-Bin from Bolzoni Auramo
The CG-S Invert-A-Bin from Bolzoni Auramo - a 360-degree rotating device, perfect to empty bins and containers in food and agriculture industries.