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Introducing the new KS series bale clamp for efficient handling of waste paper

Thursday, 23 December 2010 ( #494 )
The paper handling pioneer

Bolzoni Auramo is well known for its expertise in paper handling equipment, and the company holds the European leading market position in sales of paper handling tools. Worldwide, Bolzoni Auramo has a special development program for the paper industry, to upgrade the roll and bale handling into an efficient yet damage free operation. To come up with the best solutions Bolzoni Auramo is closely co-operating with the paper industry worldwide in order to find innovative options for the forest products handling. Waste paper handling is growing globally

"That's the reason why we are always improving our bale clamps in this area", says Lars Petersson, Bolzoni Auramo's forest products handling division manager. "This handling is becoming more frequent in terminals and logistic centers and we want to develop it, making it more efficient and safer". New KS series for efficient handling of waste paper bales

Bolzoni Auramo is Introducing the new KS bale clamp series for waste paper handling. Designed for superior visibility and greater net truck capacity, this clamp is especially made for loading bales on lorries and wagons or tight stowing in containers. The KS series covers waste paper clamps with capacities of 1.8 - 4.0 tons at 600 mm load center. "The main focus of our engineering teams has been to make a rigid clamp with excellent visibility and optimized residual capacity", says Lars Petersson. KS series clamps have a steel profile clamp body, and special steel T-profile arm carriers. Favorable weight, effective thickness and center of gravity provide better residual capacity for the truck. Easily changeable low friction nylon bearings guarantee smooth arm movement. Rigid bale arms specially made for waste paper handling are standard with thin arm profiles, ensuring tight stacking and easy knifing between bales. Excellent visibility through the clamp body improves handling productivity and boosts safety.KS series clamps are equipped with protected hydraulics where valve block is well shielded behind the frame. A special protection plate to cover front side of clamp is an available optional. This can be an advantage in very difficult handling situations. For further information please contact Bolzoni Auramo: Bolzoni Auramo/Lars Petersson P.O.Box 78, 01511 Vantaa, Finland Tel: +46706417230 E-mail: Web site:
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