Thursday, 23 January 2003 ( #91 )
With new EC regulations (guideline 95/63 EG) requiring a "driver protection system" for all forklift drivers, EBLO Seating BV has released its Personal Protection System into Europe. The EBLO Personal Protection System is favourable to a seat belt which, with drivers constantly stepping on and off forklifts, can become annoying and eventually are not used. The new system is designed to fit most standard forklifts and can be fitted to the original seat. With a simple mounting, it can be fitted on almost every type of forklift and, thanks to the ergonomic design of the restraint system, it will not impede the driver when stepping on or off. There are three versions available, including a fully automatic version which is activated by the pulling of the handbrake. This system is also available for electric forklifts up to 80 V. EBLO Seating BV, the leading wholesale company in forklift seats and seating-related products, is the sole supplier of the Personal Protection System. It is now being released through European dealers. Contact for more information: EBLO SEATING B.V. P.O BOX 731 2920 CA KRIMPEN A/D IJSSEL NETHERLANDS.