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New safety book to cut accidents

Thursday, 15 January 2009 ( #393 )
The new FLTA safety book
The new FLTA safety book
The Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) has released a new employee safety booklet to help cut the number of accidents involving forklifts.

'Employee Safety: Working with Fork Lift Trucks' is the latest publication in the FLTA's Operator/Employee Safety series. It covers subjects on counterbalance trucks, daily or pre-shift checks and warehouse lifting equipment.

The booklet is written in two parts and is easy to read. The first section is aimed at employees and provides basic information about safety for themselves and others.

David Ellison, FLTA chairman, says forklifts seriously injure hundreds of people every year. "Many of the injuries lead to disability and in some cases, death," he says. "Sadly, many of these employees weren't operating the forklift at the time - they just happened to get in the way."

"During National Fork Lift Safety Week, we highlighted the importance of vigilance to the public and forklift users. We must ensure that the lessons learned in that week are not forgotten."

The booklet's second part is directed at employers. It examines legal responsibilities, safety equipment and safety resources.

Ellison says employers need to understand the relevant facts. "It places them in a better position to help protect all of their employees, and others, who may come into contact with their forklifts."
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