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Canada funds more forklift fuel cell work

Thursday, 27 July 2006 ( #270 ) - OTTAWA, Canada
Nacco Materials Handling Group Inc (NMHG), General Motors of Canada Ltd (GM) and Hydrogenics Corp will participate in another fuel cell-powered forklift demonstration in Canada ( News #195).

The project using Hydrogenics' beta version HyPM fuel cell power packs in up to 19 forklifts and tuggers over two years at a GM Canada car plant is partially funded by Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC).

The total cost is estimated at CAD16.28 million (USD14.66 million) with SDTC investing CAD5.37 million (USD4.84 million). GM, Nacco of Oregon, USA and Hydrogenics of Mississauga, Canada, will fund the rest.

SDTC, a Canadian Government foundation, announced the plans as part of its round-eight investment in 22 clean technology programs.

Nacco is expected to supply 15 Hyster 5,500lb (2,475kg) forklifts, and another firm will provide four tuggers, said Lee Tracy, Nacco's counterbalance product strategy director.

In 2005, two fuel cell-powered Hysters took part in in-service and refueling demonstrations at GM Canada's Oshawa assembly complex and at Federal Express Canada Ltd operations, at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Hydrogenics' alpha version HyPM fuel cell power packs were used ( News #262).

The 2005 project cost CAD3.54 million (USD2.85 million) with SDTC providing CAD1.56 million (USD1.26 million).

In addition to the GM-FedEx demonstration, Ottawa-based SDTC funded two other 2005 projects to advance hydrogen technologies for use in commercial forklifts and other industrial vehicles.
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